Ceir said:
How did you convince a group of guys to do that?!

Oh my gosh. I deleted my previous comment (for other readers: it was about me dancing Bo Peep with some guys).

Well, I didn't stop talking to them and convincing them. I even had to demonstrate it in the corridors of our university just to convince them the dancing would be easy. It was for a contest and everyone was shouting and going crazy when we did it.

Looking back, I wish I wasn't that addicted to T-ara before. Because apparently there was a video clip of it. Good thing it's not in the web.
T-ara has announced that they’ll be releasing a ‘Eurodance’ version of their hit track, ”Roly-Poly“.

I thought it was eurodance already? I'm very very excited, though!
Disturbing article on allkpop today:
T-ara reveals they’re “more afraid” of their company than their parents

On July 29th, T-ara members Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Hyomin guested on YTN’s ‘News and Issue – Issue and People’. They were asked a variety of questions, however, a particular question caught the viewers’ immediate attention, as it involved their feelings about their company, Core Contents Media.

YTN’s anchorman Lee Kwang Yeon asked them, “Are you more afraid of your parents or your company?”

Maknae Jiyeon answered, “I think we are more scared of our company. The company manages the members in a very strict manner. Of course we don’t get enough sleep, but some times they forget to provide us meals.”

Eunjung then stated, “Jiyeon frequently has to ask for meals. I think its because we are so busy that the company has no opportunity to feed us.”

The group was then asked about the strict diets that many girl groups are put through. Eunjung answered, “We have a separate period for diets. When we diet, we faithfully follow it, but when we don’t, we eat to our delight. These days, instead of being forced, we have the choice to do what we want.”

At the end of the interview, the anchorman asked, “Won’t your company CEO scold you after he sees this?”, to which the girls replied, “It’s okay.”

Despite what some have said on here, I used to not think CCM was that bad, but some of the stuff that has happened lately with their idols (this article, half of Coed School being seriously injured this year, Soomi being made to perform "Like This or That" with stitches in her leg, etc.) has really opened my eyes.
That is odd and crazy! Seriously that is horrible. And really the Co-Ed injuries are so suspect.

And very interested to hear a Eurodance version of Roly Poly!


They forget to feed the monster that brings in money for them? CCM, please hire a cook! No wonder Hwayoung doesn't speak much or Jiyeon is always moody. The girls are hungry!
I hadn't heard of the Co-Ed injuries, what were they?

And that's awful about them being left without meals. That's crazy! Especially since T-ara is their cash cow.


I can see Co-Ed not beeing feeded properly, but T-ara? CCM needs to straighten up.
TheChase, the Co-Ed injuries from my knowledge are Hyoyoung with a leg injury, Yoosung has had surgery for a herniated disk and Hyewon complained of lower back & waist pain and was at the doctor getting x rays recently.

And maybe that is why Jiyeon is moody! But that is horrible they are treated that way. And kind of random but I really hope they do well in Japan when they start promotions over there.
@imnotshy and drewbilation: Wow! That's incredibly terrible. CCM needs to get their shit in gear.

But anyways, back to T-ara. I'm excited for their new track. Considering their single track record, I don't expect to be disappointed.
TheChase said:
CCM: Can't Cover Meals


I suppose now we know the reason for "walking dead Jiyeon" at the end of last year.

I remember someone in the General Korean Pop thread once said that it looks as if every sign of life has been sucked out of her or something along those lines, and if she wasn't given enough food especially during such a busy time, this is what you get.
I feel so sorry for the girls now. They deserve so much better.
Yeah CCM is and will always be a mess w ith that douche as a CEO. They should sue and bail. On the other hand they have been looking very energetic and fresh and excited during the promotion of this song.
I don't know how Hyomin is alive. She already fainted once. She's filming a drama, promoting a movie, and performing 3 to 4 times a week with the group.
Ugh, given the overwhelming focus on dieting among idol groups and looking skinny, you have to wonder if not serving meals is intentional or not... It's heartbreaking to hear about these idols working incredible hours and not being taken care of. Somebody (think it was miklc) posted a link a few days ago following Sistar19 around for a day and I think they only ate a handful of crackers for the entire day. Hyorin and Bora smell food while entering their dorm building and Hyorin looks like she's about to cry when she says she's hungry. :(


It's sad. I mean, food is one of our most basic needs as human beings. These idols bring in money for the company, and them being not fed is just unfair.
How amazing is Roly-Poly in Copacabana? I love it. Italo Disco meets K-Pop. Who knew it works so well?
And it's not that I was getting tired of the original version, but it's nice to have a remix, just to change things up for a while.