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T4 On The Beach 2006

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Steveweiser, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. I only watched about half an hour, but it was more than enough to decide that this year's show was such utter shite. Everyone miming like crazy, and crap "comedy" inbetween. Plus a very very ugly crowd.

    TV Pop is dead.
  2. And the amount of technical faults was unbelievable for terrestrial TV!
  3. I agree. There is very little Pop Music out there and its such a shame.

    I also thought the crowd weren't responding to the majority of the acts through their performances which i thought was strange. Crowd reaction is often a sign of someone's popularity so if this is still the case then not many of the acts who performed were popular with the crowd.
  4. I'm horrified that people PAID to watch artists mime. What a load of rip-off shit. As Steveweiser says, pop TV is dead.
  5. Welcome back Victoria, good to have you with us again
  6. will young was the only decent act..

    brilliant live performer
  7. What a stupid comment.

    It was better actually being there than how it came across on TV. Not every act mimed, and it wasn't really an issue when they did. I went to dance and have a good time, not stand in awe of some decidedly ropey bands.

    Shame they didn't show Dannii getting booed with her shit crowd banter and the acts on the day were in a different order to whcih was shown which didn't work at all, it really lost momentum towards the end. We wended up going to the beer tent when we had the combo of Shayne Ward and Will Young to look forward to.

    Frank had a quite good song and Lilly Allen didn't have any stage presence whatsoever.
  8. I recorded this programme as I knew I would not want to watch it all. As a previous poster said Will Young was the only decent act on the whole show.

    Shayne Ward's new song is dire and what's with the yodelling?
  9. I stand by my comment - all I could see were Croydon facelifts and other Vicky Pollard lookalikes there for McFly and Shayne Ward. I feel sorry for those boys.
  10. Well, I was in the audience and I'm quite beautiful.

    Anyway, a lot of the acts were rubbish, and so far up their own backsides it's untrue - hardly 'pop'.

    But the Youngster's amazingly hot performance made up for the whole day.
  11. Who mimed? I expected Danii to but who else? Will Young was amazing as ususal. Lily Allen was definitely a disappointment and the cameraman was always standing in front of her.
  12. We buggeringly-bollockely missed it.

    Totally forgot and were too into making smoothies. I'm quite annoyed to have missed the Boys of the Pet Shop.

    Were they any good?

    Is there a link for the PSB bit on YouTube yet?!
  13. West End Girls was great . Didn't think much of the first two tracks though.
  14. Having missed it, I don't know what the first two tracks were... Any pointers?
  15. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Lily's 2 tracks were filmed exclusively for the interweb; you can see them and the 2 Frank songs on the web site here. Lily sang live, but Frank mimed.
  16. Sorry mate -  it was Minimal and The Sodom and Gomorrah Show...
  17. I'm gutted they didn't show Lily Allen. And call me spastic, but I'd much rather watch all of the songs performed by each artist than Steve fuckin Jones thinking he's funny dressed as Noel Edmonds or the people from Shipwrecked on the bumper cars.

    I thought the line up was pretty good this year. There were only 2 or 3 that I didn't like. I wish they hadn't hyped Hard-Fi up as the mystery suprise guests - I was expecting someone exciting and more high profile than some of the others there.

    Will chose an odd set list. Though I suppose they were the best to perform at such an occasion.

    Why boo Dannii Minogue?
  18. Thankfully we didn't see any of the 'backstage action' and just got treated to 2 or 3 songs from each artist. The Ordinary Boys were a bigger surprise for the audience than Hard-Fi, in my opinion. The 'CCTV' image on the drum skin which was visable for about 10 minutes meant everyone knew Hard-Fi were coming on, but everyone thought The Ordinary Boys had pulled out, so that was a surprise.

    Dannii got booed because she was going on about the Australia against Brazil, and the numerous Embrace-appreciating football louts couldn't give a shit. She should have just gone with an ENGERLAND.
  19. I think you are right about the best ones to perform. He needed to finish the show with up-beat numbers. A ballad wouldn't have gone down well I feel. Shayne Ward's song being a case in point. Poor lad, when will they let him sing something a bit faster?
  20. It was utter, amateurish shit.

    Even Maquita, who I think is totally watchable, looked embarrassed and nervous.

    Dannii looked rubbish (what is with the hair?!), Embrace where staggeringly bad and Will Young got through it by the skin of his teeth.

    Also, June Sarpong makes me feel stabby...
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