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T4 On The Beach 2006

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Steveweiser, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Absolutely loved his performance and so did the crowd. Can't understand some of the comments on here eg "Will Young got through it by the skin of his teeth!!!"


  2. Lily Allen, as much as I adore her, is generating no heat whatsoever from the public. Nobody seems to give a shit about her which is sad because she's genuinely brilliant. She was on Channel 4 the other night and that was a great version of Smile.

    I also heard that Dannii was heavily booed. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  3. I've never heard of Lily Allen! Until I came on here.
  4. She wasn't heavily booed, it wasn't that loud, Shayne Ward was booed as well, but he did wear an awful white jacket and sing a boring song and a couple of plastic bottles were flung his way.
  5. Yeah Dannii was only booed because she spoke about Aussie football team or something. It was all good fun and banter. I didn't hear the boos for Shane myself, but I kind of switched off to be honest -  maybe it was just over one side of the crowd.

  6. Everytime Shayne is on the radio or television I switch off. I have no interest in him whatsoever.
  7. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I'm not sure... the Radio 1 audience seem to love her, and she seemed well received on "Transmission," especially the hilarious interview where she said the word 'cunt'!

    And I quite like June Sarpong, but I can't figure out why - she just seems quite nice!
  8. Dannii's boo was loud and very noticable, didn't hear anything for Shayne, I must say.
  9. June is warm, funny and generally fantastic and very good at her job. I've never quite understood why people don't like her.
  10. I agree with you Maureen. She is seriously maligned in some quarters which is a shame as she does her job very well. I also like Makita!
  11. Yeah - it's only the men off T4 who need culling.

    What was Miquita wearing on Sunday though? It was certainly "brave".
  12. Have to agree the T4 men are deluded - they really think they matter. Although the lovely Rick Edwards from E4 was there but only for a few seconds - he should be given much more airtime. I like June too - despite my jealousy of her legs.
  13. I am sorry if this is going to upset people here but June Sarpong is NOT good at her job. The woman is a vacuous, sycophantic personality void who thinks laughing like a drain and wearing hot pants makes good TV presentation.

    Maquita had a humorous and intelligent style, something she picked up from Amstell while on Popworld. There is a little warmth or intellect from Sarpong.

    I agree with the comment about the men, Steve Jones is cocky shit.
  14. All in all I thought the show on TV was pretty shocking. Really bad and it just didn't seem to get any better at all throughout the day.

    I was really disappointed that they decided to use The Automatic as a warm up act, therefore leaving them out of the channel 4 show. I thought the decision by channel 4 to show 2 songs by some acts and only one song by others was a bit unfair. They should have given everyone two and cut out the rubbish interviews. For example I wanted to hear Matt Willis sing Hey Kid more than I wanted to hear Up All Night again. (Not that he even seemed to go down that well with the audience despite being one of the better performances in my opinion)

    It was all a bit of a shambles

  15. I dislike Miquita when she isn't with Simon. She just seems really flat and dull!
  16. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Not all of the "T4" men are annoying - I know they don't let him do that much, but I think Anthony Crank is really charming and funny!

    I think Miquita comes across as a bit of a bitch sometimes, which makes me dislike her. It was funny when she was with Simon, as they sort of bounced off each other, but I don't think it works on her own, either.
  17. This is being repeated today on E4 and E4+1 (check listings for times!) but I think it is about 10.00 am.

    There is also a "Cheeky Bits" programme and an edited programme on T4 this morning.
  18. And gorgeous. We need more 'regular' gay blokes like him on tv, as well as the camp Alan Carr's
  19. I think he's really good on T4 but I reckon doing MTV Backstage was a catastrophic career move for him. I don't think it did him any favours as a presenter.
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