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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. She have great voice for ballads....it's not her fault that korean ballads are just bad. I always imagine her singing Stay from Rihanna.
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  2. I love that everytime I listen to her album , I find a new gem. I need more Taeyeon comebacks in my life , kii.

  3. Also I just noticed that I love every song in her three albums (except U R which is not technically a bad song, I just don't like it ) and that rarely happens for me in K-Pop to love every track of an artist/group. Only queens!
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  4. Same thing! This one is my Taeyeon track of the week, too. I love it, especially that little weird high note after the first line of the chorus.... "da-a-a-ah..., yeah..." And the drum track, which is really unusual for a song like this.
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  5. Why is she not performing Make Me Love You anywhere?
  6. My Taeyeon song of the week. The girl is beyond ranges and genres.

  7. Well, queen started her tour 3 days ago and there are no decent fan-cams yet but I hope we get some on other dates. T-ara had a concert yesterday in Taipei and videos were really good, I hope there are enough Taeyeon stans in Taipei too.

    She performed all the My Voice tracks + her singles + Gemini, U R and a few others. Some videos for hunties like me:

  8. eccentricsimply

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  9. Finally some good videos:

    She's really having fun.

  10. Man, KPop needs more live bands. It makes such an awesome difference (see Bigbang, Mamamoo). So glad they gave her one.
  11. yas.
  12. I mentioned this in Stress's elimination post in the SM rate, but that song's live performances at her concerts really made it grow on me. There's something so joyful about them!
  13. Just want to say she's the most beautiful creature alive and I am 100% straight for her.

    Like what the fuck.
  14. And while I'm at it.... over here now...

    Hell, yeah. Little bitty Diva...
    2:31 - Goosebumps...
  15. I think we should never talk about Taeyeon in other threads....
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  16. I laughed out loud at that. I'm a MeU if anything, and my favorite member of SNSD is actually Yoona. And I don't even know why. Oh, and I probably listen to Led Bearbet more than anything (other than f(x)).
    But Taeyeon has the goods. No apologies for callin' it like you see it.
  17. Her album is on Fuse's '' 20 Best Albums of Year So Far'' list! And this is what they said about it:

    This is not surprising from Queen Taeyeon. Taeyeon is able to cover a range of different genres with her vocals, which she showcased very well in her solo project. 'My Voice' is pop-rock genre, from 'Fine' to 'Cover Up' both of which are lively and bright tunes, to the soft, ballad song 'Lonely Night' and 'Love in Color', Taeyeon has shown her unique style and vocal progression. This Korean veteran singer appeals to various audience because of her chorus and direct lyrics. So it was no exception that 'My Voice' rang the hearts of listeners."

    Yas Fuse stan the true Queen of Pop.
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    It's a lovely album but the last quarter of the standard album (minus Eraser) can low-key be kept even if she sounds lovely.
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  19. I need My Voice: Side B in my life *sad emoji*
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  20. So a producer who has worked with some of SM groups before tweeted this but then deleted it:

    The Queen is coming.
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