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Taio Cruz - Rokstarr(Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by maneater83, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. I'll Never Love Again is on it? AND Take Me Back?! The tracklist is a mess.
  2. It doesnt matter there are some great pop songs on this album that make up for those 2 been on the album! :)
  3. If this is better than his debut it will be very good. The clips sounds great and Dirty Picture sounds immense!
  4. Taio Cruz doing elecro house? This can only be a good thing.
  5. 'Take Me Back' isn't much of a surprise really. It deserves to be on there. 'I'll Never Love Again', well, it's doing a 'Radar' isn't it? Which is the in thing to do now! The clips are brilliant so this album is definitely a contender for best album of the year in my books.
  6. What a massive disappointment. I was expecting the album to be relatively generic based on Break Your Heart but wow, this sounds like a total mess. What on earth is Dirty Picture. Where's the tune in that?!?!
  7. I just don't get all this NDUBZ, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Taio Cruz shit. It's shit!
  8. Not 100% sure about the clips but they don't seem to have been selected very sympathetically, or maybe I just can't really judge songs on 30 seconds anymore.

    I think it sounds like it's a bit worse than his first, but only a bit. Hate the whole concept/song/everything about 'Dirty Picture' but some of the tracks toward the end do sound really interesting. Really like his style of production, that will probably give the album some degree of cohesion.

    Will definitely be buying, frankly 'Break Your Heart' and 'Take Me Back' are ace, and from those clips there'll be at least 6 other solid tracks I'll like on there.

    Don't really mind 'I'll Never Love Again' making a dramatic comeback, as the more people that hear what is actually quite a brilliant song the better, IMHO. I'm hoping they've got it down as a single.
  9. They all sound more or less the same to me, but Dirty Picture sounds really interesting!
  10. I like the IDEA of Taio Cruz, but having seen him interviewed, anything less like a 'Rokstarr' cannot be imagined. He possesses the charisma of an egg cup.
  11. my JUDGEMENT of the clips is thus:

    Likely To Be Good

    No Other One
    Only You
    Falling In Love
    Keep Going
    Feel Again


    Falling In Love


    Dirty Picture
    Best Girl

    Can't Tell

    Forever Love
    The 11th Hour

    anyone have wildly divergent opinions? chances are I'm wrong about a good few, it is only 30 secs after all
  12. So therefore should not be allowed to make music....
  13. Of course not, in a Mike Oldfield type of way, where the music is centre stage. But as some kind of pop idol, no, sorry.
  14. This album was looking likely to get released early next year but because of the unexpected success of Break Your Heart its been rushed released to capitalize on that and thats one of the main reasons why I'll Never Love Again and Take Me Back feature as 2 of the MAIN tracks on the album.
  15. Those clips don't impress me. I won't be getting the album.
  16. He seemed extremely camp when I saw him interviewed. Very different to the image he portrays in his music ...
  17. Mere_Baiseur

    Mere_Baiseur Guest

    Is it Kesha on Dirty Picture? Sounds a hell of alot like her.
  18. Yes. It does say FEATURING KE$HA IN BIG LETTERS.
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