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Take That - Odyssey (Greatest Hits) / General Talk

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marie_05, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. I saw the show last night and while I did have a great time, I left feeling a bit deflated. The show was crammed with bops but ending the show with a slow rendition of Pray, Babe and Rule The World was a choice. I know not every tour can finish with Never Forget or Relight My Fire but Pray and Babe sucked the energy out of the arena, Rule The World was outstanding as always and slightly redeemed it all.

    The production value and visuals were a feast, probably the best they've had and that's saying something after The Circus and Progress. Lastly, and this might just be unique to my night, Mark looked so tired and a bit over it, which was a shame to see. Howard and Gary gave it their everything, Gary's arms kept me occupied most of the night.
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  2. In my head, the show ends after Relight My Fire, which is a bit sad as I've waited to hear Babe live in full for ages, and I love the concept for Pray on paper. Seeing loads of people sat down checking their phones during Babe night after night isn't great when it's supposed to be the encore.
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  3. I will FOREVER be salty that The Flood & Rule the World were blocked from #1
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  4. I'm still upset there was never a Wonderland DVD, so I'm really happy there's going to be a DVD of the Greatest Hits Tour.

    I'm also genuinely delighted there's going to be a live CD.
  5. Can't wait to watch it! Looking forward to listen to Spin live
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  6. Was giving the debut a relisten what a fantastic record it was and how many great singles were crammed out of it.

    This could've been another hit from it easily.

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  7. Pat


    Been listening a lot of Take That lately, not sure why I didn't dive into their older discography earlier, because they really have some great gems. Currently into the Odyssey version of 'Love Ain't Here Anymore' a lot.

    It also led me into watching their 2005, 2010 and 2018 documentaries. How harsh of the producers of the 2005 documentary to put them all into a room together at the end expecting to be reunited with Robbie, only for him not to show up. Really wasn't aware of the history of 'Take That vs. Robbie' or 'Robbie vs. Gary'. But how amazing that the four of them were able to revive the Take That brand afterwards in such a wonderful way. What a great comeback story.

    Would love to see them live, but seems like I really missed the boat, because they have toured a lot these last few years. And considering they dropped another Greatest Hits compilation, they'll probably 'retire' Take That for a bit now.
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