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Take That - Odyssey (Greatest Hits) / General Talk

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marie_05, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. But The Circus was the album they released not too long after one of their biggest and most beloved songs (Rule The World), so they were in a completely different position. Not to mention that they didn't really get any negative publicity back then: there was no line-up change or scandal at the time and the press loved them. Didn't entertainment websites run a new article about them twice a day?

    We'll see how this turns out!
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  2. Agreed - I haven't heard the song on the radio & there seems to be very little promo surrounding it. To be fair, I'd actually forgotten they had a new single and album out until I saw this thread!
  3. Greatest Day was huge!
  4. Well the song is #4 on airplay, so if you haven't heard it I guess you don't listen to the big radio stations much...
  5. I've heard it quite a significant amount here, there and everywhere. It's obviously not as huge as some of their others but it should be a tidy hit for them. I hope they pull out all the stops for X Factor. I don't make a mic stand performance from them.
  6. How anyone can claim 'These Days' is disappointing, I can't even. It's now become my absolute favourite song of theirs, period.
  7. To be fair I only listen to Radio 1 & 2 and I haven't heard it on either.
  8. It's at #2 on iTunes just now. Hopefully The X Factor will push it to the top.
  9. I really like These Days in an Olly Murs way, it's brilliant! And the video is excellent. Jason was always deadwood anyway, they make sense as a (very strong) 3 piece.
  10. I love them, I love the song, I love the performance. But that, was 100% not live. Sorry, slightly off topic but it's abysmal that Take That can get away with that and Cheryl can't. (I couldn't care less if they mimed by the way, hollah circa 1999.)
  11. My only worry about the tour is who'll sing all of Jason's parts???
  12. Fun fact: Lulu has more solo lines on Relight My Fire than Jason on all of their hit singles combined. Bizarre!

    Maybe they can bring her back as the 4th member?
  13. I like the song.
    I think the performance was live with with lots of backing vocals.
  14. It's A-list on Radio 2 but not on the Radio 1 playlist at all. I'm not sure if they've got too old for R1 - although Foo Fighters' current single is A-listed and Dave Grohl would be the second oldest member of Take That, so that may not be the whole reason.
  15. THIS. I don't understand how people still can't tell the difference between miming and singing along to a backing track. They sang live people.
  16. Howling at this exchange in the youtube comments:

  17. 'These Days' is absolutely one of the best Take That songs ever. Fucking fantastic pop song.
  18. I'm not really a Take That fan. The only songs I've ever liked by them are Patience and Rule the World.

    But this song is so fucking good that the album is on my Christmas list.
  19. Oh I quite like this.... for me liking two songs from one Take That album is certainly a novelty. My only issue is the repetition of 'liddle bit'; I don't know why but I find it quite childish - see also Mel C's 'Melt' over the same issue.
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