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Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Just so y'all know, the album is out there.
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  2. I'm gonna hold off until Friday, but I'm very, very excited. The reviews are phenomenal so far. Also very curious to know what the new version of Borderline sounds like.

    From NME:
    Color me perched.
  3. Very much enjoying this, but have heard a lot of people who have listened finding it boring. It's definitely more 'chilled' and perhaps digestible than Currents, but I'm liking it an awful lot (and could see it overtaking it for me).

    This is certainly a hazy summer album though, so I wish it came out at like, July's-end. I'd file it with Ultraviolence for example.
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  4. An hour more to go. What is the new version of Borderline like? While I'm curious about the new version, I'd rather keep the old one looking at the new track length.
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  5. Amazon charging me for the vinyl pre-order and still seeing that it won't be here until March 4th. Hmmm.
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  6. I honestly haven't listened to the pre-singles so I don't know the difference.
  7. I’m going to let the album sink in further before I say anything the songs we haven’t heard so far or how the album is overall.

    To those who are curious, the new version of Borderline has some tiny blips of additional production scattered throughout the song. Some of them work really well... but most of them don’t really add much to the song. It does away with his “aaah” bit in the beginning of the song as well. I’m not a big fan of that chunky bass that concludes the new version of the song. And it’s not a fade-out ending anymore.

    It almost seems like Kevin thought of adding the additional blips to the production but it was too late and he had to release it. He should have left the beginning and ending (and the track length) as they were. They fit the concept of time so well too, beginning with a cry and fading to silence. Ah well, you can’t have it all I guess.
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  8. This is less varied than Currents.

    I enjoyed it and need to listen a few more times.
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  9. I haven't listened to it in full yet, but I've skimmed it, and it sounds super enjoyable. Perhaps it'll be one of my first favorite albums of the year. I'm gonna devote my full attention to it either later on tonight or tomorrow morning.
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  10. I’m halfway through so far and loving it. The production is more masterful than ever and the songs evoke a hazy nostalgia. It really explores new territory with disco influences while remaining true to the Tame Impala sound.
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  11. Also, the new version of Borderline slaps.
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  12. There were much higher highs on Currents, & that's still my favorite Tame Impala release, but this is a good album, at least on first listen. Very existential, which....... relatable.
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  13. I agree it doesn’t quite hit the highs of Currents, but yet there is still something special about its more laidback, contemplative nature. And when it does go more off the rails, those moments are all the more remarkable. Although I would’ve welcomed even more bravado, there’s a clear concept behind this that seeks to evoke something different from Currents. As a full body of work it I think flows a little better than Currents as well. They’re different and I haven’t yet determined which I think is better, but I will say nothing tops Let It Happen, which is still for me Kevin’s biggest triumph.
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  14. I have never heard the pre-release songs so this is all becoming a nice surprise to me. It is more laid back and feels more conceptual which i can applaud it for eventhough i'm not as smitten as the first time i was listening to Currents.

    The production is immaculate but what is new?
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  15. Breathe Deeper is the song
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  16. I absolutely adore it, oop. It’s like the day to Currents’ night, I’m completely in love.
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  17. I really can’t wait to delve in the the album during the weekend.
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  18. This feels like one of those albums which, at first, doesn't seem up there with his best, but in a few years will be lauded as yet another masterpiece from him. LOVE the new Borderline and then One More Year, Breathe Deeper, On Track, Lost In Yesterday, Posthumous Forgiveness and One More Hour are all pretty great Tame Impala records. Really gonna enjoy spending time with this one.
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  19. For some reason Apple Music refuses to play the new version of Borderline. I deleted the album from my library and it still plays the old version.

    Anyone here had a similar issue?
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