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Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Possibly my favorite 'not quite pop' album of the year!
  2. My favourite song from the album just had a video made. It is insane, sexual and very well shot. So many drugs must've been used in its creation.

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  3. We get it they do drugs.

    It's so funny to me that their sound is cool & hip and Pitchforky because their sound is exactly what the (then perceived) cheesy bands in the mid 80s made popular. So catchy too.
  4. This sounds exactly like a Memory Tapes / Washed Out album, which is a good thing but not a particularly new thing.
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  5. I got this in the HMV sale for 4.99, because the cover is amazing and the reviews make me think I might like the music as well.
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  6. This album is making a belated bid for my top ten of last year. When the production on Eventually builds and builds with tension before falling out for the "ah ah ah ah" hook I feel so lifted.
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  7. Extraordinarily late to this but I love Let It Happen by Tame Impala.

    It's Royksopp meets Motown. I completely missed it on release and had to Shazam it from Tattoo Fixers! Yes, behind the times and I watch Tattoo Fixers.

    I thought others might have missed it too.
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  8. Tame me and impale me, Kevin Parker.

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  9. Screaming.

    After Rih's fantastic cover of Same Ol' Mistake, I'm actually starting to love this album now. I didn't give much thought to it when it was released last year, but what a great pop album.
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  10. Late to the party and only just got this album but it's very good!
  11. ooh a tame impala thread on PJ!
    thought they were too psych rock for here.. shows what I know! must listen to this one.
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  12. I'm here for a Kevin Parker pop domination beginning with a Lady Gaga collabo. (Rihanna's karaoke version is great, but barely counts).
  13. I finally clicked with this brilliant album.
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  14. Lonerism is miles better but I can't wait until summer really kicks in so I can blast this bad boy!
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  15. I put this CD away on the shelf during my last tidy-up, and forgot about it until today when HMV had it on rotation. Must listen to the whole thing properly!
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  16. Announced for Glastonbury today. YES.
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  17. Despite "Let It Happen" being one of my favourite songs from last year (the full version is the superior one, of course), I still haven't found the motivation to sit through the album. I remember listening to The Less I Know The Better once and not liking it much.

  18. Two best songs.
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  19. Oh, the album is completely worth it. One of my favorites from last year & still on heavy rotation a year later. It is *very* pop, even if it's not officially classified as such. Past Life, Reality In Motion, Cause I'm A Man, Disciples = just incredible.

    The last half of the album is complete perfection. The only song I would probably discard would be The Moment.
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  20. Has anyone seen them live?
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