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Tango In The Night is 35

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Apr 13, 2022.

  1. It's a strange one....that 81-87 period, Stevie couldn't get a hit single in the UK...everything solo or Mac fell short. And the same happened with Seven Wonders here....though in the US it went top 20 (like most of her singles did there at the time). It deserved to be a smash, but the Brits clearly preferred Christine's music at this point.

    The chart run on my personal top 40 for the Tango singles was bizarre, but not unique. All of my top 4 albums that year (Tango, Actually, Solitude Standing, Sign O The Times) had multiple hits but none made #1. Tango had THREE #2s (and a #7, soz Chris), Actually had a #2 and a #3, Sign's record was 2-2-3-2, and SuzyV had a #2, a #4 and a #6.
  2. by the time “Isn’t It Midnight” was a single in 1988, Lindsey was gone and the new line up were well and truly into the tour so a video wouldn’t have happened.

    at least they didn’t do something dreadful and make a fake video like they did for “In The Back of My Mind” and “Paper Doll”
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  3. Loving this thread. I recall when this album came out, I was absolutely mesmerized by "Big Love". It just had this lush, hypnotic sound. It was unlike anything on the radio at the time, and 1987 had lots of variety. I knew that they had huge success before with Rumours but Tango in the Night was the album that drew me in. It's kind of amazing how ten years after Rumours they were able to have another huge era but they also picked up a whole new generation of fans, as indicated in this thread already.

    1987, what a year in music.
  4. They had an odd relationship with the record buying public here....their singles either hit big (ie top 10) or got nowhere. The pattern went back as far as Tusk, and continued with Mirage. So when they broke through with a record, the public really went for it. Tango has three genuine smash singles, not just fanbase-generated chart entries.

    What's still kind of strange to me is how long it took the album buyers in Britain to really embrace Tango. It only debuted at #7, and took 6 months to reach #1 (before repeatedly returning to the top, of course).
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  5. Such a brilliant album and by far still my favourite by Fleetwood Mac, even if I am a huge Stevie stan and her contributions are minimal. It's the peak of Lindsey's inventive production and the Rousseau homage with the cover art perfectly captures the humid, late-night feel of the album. Christine's contributions are easily the strongest pop songs in her catalogue - 'Everywhere', 'Little Lies' and 'Isn't It Midnight' are all perfect.

    I feel like 'Tango In The Night' has become a real touchstone album in terms of its sound as a lot of the references to that mellow, synthy 80s feel in pop music in the last decade can be traced back to it.

  6. I love Gypsy & The Cat! That was a big discovery of mine via this site...think it was the PJ00s where someone entered it.

    Have the Empire of the Sun albums too.
  7. Ok, confession time…Tango is my least favourite of the big 5 Mac albums. It really does sound like someone took a Lindsey solo album, a Christine solo album and a guest appearance from Stevie and shoved them all together.

    As a die- hard chiffon head, the lack of Stevie bothers me greatly. She got a writing credit for changing 1 line on “Seven Wonders”, but didn’t actually write it. Her other 2 tracks are probably the weakest she’s ever contributed to a Mac album. She also only ever did 1 take of SW, and then left Lindsey to fix it. The album version is sped up and really manipulated, which is why Stevie always struggled to sing it live.

    The singles are all very strong, but the rest I can take or leave.

    It’s also utterly criminal that this little gem didn’t make the album but “When I See You Again” did.

    on a side note, however, the history of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie’s careers around this time gets VERY interesting. The absolute hell that was playing out between 1987 and 1995 is pretty awful to have had to live through but makes for interesting history. Particularly with Stevie and what was happening with her after she left Fleetwood Mac at the end of 1991.
  8. Imagine if Rooms On Fire was in Tango. Instant 11.
  9. Right!?

    Alas it wasn’t written yet. The only Mirror track demo’d for Tango was “Juliette”.

    “Rooms On Fire” was written about Rupert Hine.
  10. Lindsey did work wonders (no pun intended) with Stevie's miniscule contributions.
  11. Tango will always be THE Mac album for me purely because it was released bang on my early pop obsession years. I remember going 'who are these olds with this weird ooh aah bop' when Big Love dropped to going 'whew these olds release hit after hit' two years later.
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  12. Even Stevie phoning it in for Seven Wonders was incredible though.
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  13. That intro to "Little lies" takes me back to late Summer 1987. The single was released in Sep but had a long chart run into Dec 1987. It always makes me feel like Summer's ending and Autumn is on the way...

    Edit - UK Chart Run - entered w/e 12/Sep/1987
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  14. While we're talking about the MAC - this is the best thing imho Lindsey Buckingham ever did....Sublime:
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  15. Lindsey's solo catalogue is so under-appreciated....though it can get a bit heavy going without the variety and lightness that Stevie and Christine bring.
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  16. 'Trouble' and 'Go Insane' are the two for me. I do love his 'Out Of The Cradle' album too, which is mostly a continuation of the 'Tango In The Night' sound.

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  17. Out Of The Cradle definitely feels/sounds like Tango continued, only without the variety in the vocal department. You can see how the Tango material might have ended up, had Warners not persuaded him to turn it into a full Mac record.
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  18. One of the best albums of all time. An unbeatable string of singles, and al the tracks are just lush and melodic Mac at their best. An ideal roadtrip album too.
  19. No dissing Christine @Eric Generic ! Hers are the standouts for me on Tango. ‘Lightweight and frothy’!!
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  20. Great song, truly hideous video!
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