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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]
    Members of T-ara from left to right. Eunjung, Qri, Boram, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Hyomin and Hwayoung.

    T-ara (티아라) is currently a 7 member South Korean girl group.who formed in 2009. They have gone on to be huge in Korea and are currently preparing for a debut in Japan. T-ara are known by most PJ users as being amazing, having a flawless set of singles and a flawless album.

    Can anyone say amazing?

    T-ara's Singles:
    Pre-Bo Peep (When they were more tranditional/ballad-y)
    Good Person
    Time to Love
    Post Bo Peep
    Bo Peep
    Like the First Time
    I Go Crazy Because of You
    I'm Really Hurt
    Why Are You Being Like This?
    Roly Poly

    We Are the One (World Cup song)
  2. Re: T-ara

    "A Yo, what time is it?"
    "It's time for T-Ar-A!"

    They're so crazy that they're brilliant.
  3. Re: T-ara

    There's no Hwayoung in that picture! Someone should just photoshop her into the background, where she's always put. Poor girl.

    T-ara are FLAWLESS.
  4. Re: T-ara

    Sorry, I asboloutely love the pic in my first post. I guess I should use something more recent, though? haha
  5. Re: T-ara

    I love the picture too haha. That's when they looked their sexiest. Soyeon should stick with long hair!
  6. Re: T-ara

    Done I think! I did the Pre Bo-Peep thing because well.. I think Pre-BoPeep T-ara are like a whole other group to me. haha
  7. Re: T-ara

    We Are the One (World Cup song)

  8. Re: T-ara

  9. Re: T-ara

    I remember during their Lies promotions I could not tell them apart. Look how far they've come from then. Who knew they would provide us with such good songs.

    Can't wait for their Japanese Bo Peep promotions.
  10. Re: T-ara

    I know right.

    I'm still waiting for another song in the same vein of I Go Crazy Because of You, though.
  11. Re: T-ara

    ^ Same here.

    Remember the times when we were all laughing at how ridiculous the censoring of Bo Peep.

    Bo Peep is still fucking fabulous.
  12. Re: T-ara

    It' a pretty impeccable run from "Time to Love" to "I Go Crazy Because of You", and their last two singles have been strange but poiting in the right direction. And they have the single best album of the last few years, by far!
  13. Re: T-ara

    Honestly? Breaking Heart is the best fucking album ever for me. I love it. Every song. It's a shame they ditched the concept.

    I love how they create whole new concepts each album..

    Absolute First Album//Breaking Heart - IDK.. Amazing? :P
    Temptastic - American Indians :P
    John Travolta Wannabe - Retro

    I can't wait for their follow-up track "Round and Round"! I hope another song comes with it.. so we can atleast have a mini of 4 tracks :P

    But yeah.. I'd love if they went back to IGCBOY one day.. not the exact same song but you know what I mean :P I'd also love an Egyptian concept from them :P
  14. Re: T-ara

    All of the Lies performances crack me up. Not because it's a bad song, it's really good. But because the dance routine is really jolly and the song is really sad. Also because Eunjung had long hair.

    The IGCBOY performances make me laugh too. Hyomin always looked possessed and Queenri panted like a pro during those performances. I miss her panting.
  15. Re: T-ara

    So true about Qri's panting and Hyomin does look possessed during the I Go Crazy... performances! So many times when the camera was on Hyomin and she sings "Make me crazy", I thought she really is going crazy, haha! I love her.

    Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon and Boram are my faves. They just rotate being my biases now.
  16. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Re: T-ara

    What I like most about T-ara is like they are K-Pop chameleons. They can pull off any concept! Sexy, retro, cute, dorky, name it! I mean, what other K-pop group would have a risky American Indian concept right?

    Hwayoung is so lucky to be part of this group.

    CCM CEO should be reading this! Damn this would potentially be amazing especially if it's an upbeat, sexy number.
  17. Re: T-ara

    I know right :P I could imagine something amazing from an Egyptian concept!!

    Qri is my bias in T-ara <3 I love her.
  18. Re: T-ara

    I love T-ara, but So Yeon is the blandest member of any band ever. It took me such a long time to even notice her, and she's one of the lead singers. She is just so non-descriptive.
    It didn't help that Eunjung is such a scene stealer. I think she's my bias.
    I think Hwayoung is a great addition. Her "uh uhs" during the Roly Poly performances are worth it alone. In those rare moments, when the camera is on her, she works it hard:

    I think in one of the Roly Poly performances she even sang along to the fan chants. Amazing.
  19. I tried changing the title to reflect the little crown they have in some of their logos, not sure if it works/looks well, though. Should I stick with it or revert to the original way of writing it?
  20. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I think it looks better with the 'crown' thing since the group uses it too.
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