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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Lucky Wanabeee! is official CCM anthem! Rest of album is good too, solid pop release.

    EDIT: Can someone tell me what's the title of 13th "secret track" on album? It's some version of "What About Me" but it's Japanese version is apparently track 8 on album so I'm just confused.

    EDIT 2: I found out it's What About Me Japanese Version Part 2
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  2. I've really taken a liking to Jiyeon's voice ever since Number 9. I noticed it's quite deep, especially on recent songs like La'boon and Lucky Wanabee.
  3. [video=youtube;589gE92vUFE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=589gE92vUFE#t=38[/video]

    I can't bring myself to take away from recent news in the main thread, but this needs to be posted. THE LAST LIKE 15 SECONDS. OH MY WORD.
  4. Oh my gosh I love it!
  5. They're coming!!!
  6. Just about 3 and a half days!

    Unless they actually do a midnight release...
  7. He


    I love the beat after the breakdown. It really seems to be taking cues from Number 9 (my favorite T-ARA track). I've missed them!
  8. I know this will be the song of the year for me! Leave it to CCM and T-ARA to show everyone how it's done.
  9. It's not CCM anymore!

    Qri's updated her profile from CCM to MBK. There was an article out last week saying that CCM and FNC were merging to become MBK Entertainment but the articles were removed and all news disappeared. Apparently the merger might not end up being real, but it does seem like whatever the outcome, CCM is becoming MBK Entertainment.

    Probably a calculated move to make it seem like T-ARA are on a new label and away from CCM.

    Also, yes, the song will probably end up slaying and being my song of the year. I can already feel it. THE WAIT IS TOO LONG!
  10. I love the Martin Garrix styled EDM but the part after seems so..disjointed? Like it would make more sense for the Fragma-styled part which comes after to be before the Garrix section of the song?

    (does that make sense to anyone?)
  11. Totally here for their latest flawless performance~~


    And I'm totally in love with I Don't Want You. It's like....a cute concept with a sexy performance.
  12. He


    Loved it!

    So, how bad are they doing in the charts? In the main k-pop thread it looks as if they went down really hard.
  13. TARA have always sounded like an Eastern European dance act to me - I'd love to see how the single went down in Romania if they had a go at releasing it there. Sugar Free is clearly in my top 3 of the year, perhaps even number 1...
  14. I've never really cared much about T-Ara, as I'm much more invested in YG's output but 'Sugar Free' definitely got me on board. I'm even here for remixes and TV performances. I think they got everything right this time. And it doesn't even look like they're trying hard.
    I need a lil reminder about what they've done recently. Is any mini album out? What have they been doing this year?
  15. No.9 was released last year and Do You Know Me? was after that.
  16. Areum is so cute! I hope we get to see her someday!

    "I hope God lights up your way more and more for your efforts and not giving up S2s2"
  17. Well, they had Jiyeon and Hyomin release solo mini albums. Jiyeon's 1 Minute 1 Second was somewhat well received here. Make sure to watch the video for a better idea if you'll like the song or not. Hyomin's Nice Body was absolutely shat on by everyone here except for me. The message is kinda terrible, but the song is quite good and one of the better Brave Bros productions of this year.
  18. [video=youtube;ZDTsjVNxDv0]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDTsjVNxDv0[/video]

    Oh my god, Soyeon actually tried to sing.

    Oh my god.
  19. He


    But she has sang a bit every performance, hasn't she?

    I love those varsity shirt/dresses on Boram. The really compliment her.

    So was this era a flop for them? I can't believe this song did nothing.
  20. I wouldn't say the era was a flop. Sugar Free was as a single in Korea. Sugar Free was 4th on the digital world chart, and And & End was #2 on the Korean Weekly Chart and has already sold over 10k. T-ARA are still great selling physically and albums, to an extent.

    I'm guessing they'll be back with a repackage at the end of the month/next month with the Brave Bros song, which could do well.
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