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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. He


    10k is not much compared to their last effort, which did around 40k (with repackage), is it?

    It seems like after Number 9 the public had enough with them or something, which is odd, since I think it's their best track.

    I do not care for sales, I just don't want to see them decline into oblivion so soon. They have such a solid discography.
  2. Well yes, compared to their previous efforts, it's not good, but everyone's had a decline in sales recently that aren't Top tier or going on to be top tier. But also, 40k is what? What it's sold overall so far? Sugar Free's only been out a 3/4 weeks, wait for the repackage and the finish of the era first.
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  3. He


    Well, I'm glad the quality of the music hasn't been a factor in this "decline". I just wish they would still be candidates to be top tier, since their material (Korean) is so strong.

    They seem to be happy at the moment, though.
  4. I think they're just happy to still be promoting honestly. After the scandal, I think everyone believed they'd never be able to perform again, but they have and they're still around. It's definitely a shame they're not where they used to be (And they probably never will again) but they're not in a bad position at all!

    Especially seeming they seem to be heading to China soon too.
  5. He


    Well, they already have a strong position in Japan, hopefully China loves them as much.

    Hopefully one day we get the successor to Absolute First Album.
  6. Ever since Number 9 Soyeon kind of spends half of her time singing and the other half winking. So, it kind of nice to see the main vocal belt out the chorus, since she really doesn't have to worry about strenuous choreography. Her singing I'm Okay at Guangzhou was live, so I know she still has the pipes.

    I think they've hit a spot, as said in a recent interview, that they know they probably won't get back to the status they had. But, they also are tired of apologizing for something that the media didn't even have full information on...
  7. She's been singing live in every one of the I Don't Want You performances though...

    And I'm probably in the minority here, but I feel that this lineup, 6-ARA, is the best they've ever been. THIS is their musical renaissance.
  8. What harmed T-ara was those two terrible solo songs.
    Probably made people hate them more... Especially Hyomin's dud song.
    I would love a Shinsadong Tiger twelve track album.
    Banger after banger... No ballads!
  9. If you think that 1min 1 sec is horrible, then I don't have much hope for you.
  10. He


    1 minute 1 second is a great song, and the performances were pretty great. That Hyomin video was awful, though.

    I'll blame Qri for their fall from the charts, she was the one who "chose" their first flop, Do You Know Me, hahaha.
  11. Woop Woop! Pre-ordered a signed copy of Sugar Free. It'll be my first ever Kpop CD!
  12. He


    I want to buy the Again mini album. Broke as hell, though.
  13. [video=youtube;4KZFbySf7LQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KZFbySf7LQ[/video]
    So… 'The two others' are not on surgery leave.

    I so love business conventions. There's such a gap between the stage and the audience.
    [I linked the video but it's definitely not worth watching].
  14. Wow. So I kind of stopped paying attention to K-Pop around the time when the Hwayeong-gate happened (no causation there, although I do remember being disgusted by the "netizens"' overreaction to the incident) so it makes me happy to find out that they are still going strong and as amazing as ever.

    I will never give up my Girls' Generation stan card due to sheer nostalgia but I'd be hard pressed to name another K-Pop act or, for that matter, any pop star with a single run that is as flawless as T-Ara's.
  15. Hope you paid attention when Jessica was kicked out of Girls' Generation.
  16. Of course! She was my favorite member. All I have to say about the matter is that Jessica leaving the group was probably the most interesting news to come out regarding Girls' Generation since... the release of 'Hoot', I guess?
  17. He


    Hahaha, that performance is so poorly shot. I guess their label owed someone and had to pay with a T-ARA performance?

    How is Little Apple doing? I still listen to it everyday.
  18. Badly. They charted at #91 on the GAON Chart I believe. I don't know what's going on, I don't see how they were doing okay even after the scandal, but this year they're doing terribly. And & End has sold only half of what Again did, SUGAR FREE only peaked in the 30's yet Number 9 was in the Top 10.

    It seems MBK needs them to continuously promote again. I don't know what it was, the only thing I can think is that they left it too long between comebacks. Hopefully MBK has them back at the beginning of the year.

    Music wise they're on point as always. But something tells me coming back with the retro stuff might be a good move at the moment.
  19. He


    Wow, that is pretty bad. Are they expecting this to do something in China? Such a nice funky tune. Who is Korea here for at the moment?
  20. I think chinese sites are where the video already has a couple million views. And judging by the fans at the Guangzhou concert earlier this year, I think they atleast have a stable tour area.
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