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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Do You Know Me was very retro but tanked. I think Number 9 even reached the top 5 of Gaon chart. They've been flopping since sadly.

    I'm not Korean and don't live in SK, but there tastes this year have been very questionable in my opinion. Songs that I believe should be doing well aren't.
  2. I was catching up on T-Ara performances and stumbled across this one. Usually I'm impressed how the audience manages so sing in rhythm at the accurate moments to encourage whoever's on stage but here… they sound like a bunch of drunken men in their late forties…

    Is 'Little Apple' doing any better in the charts or? Not that I really care for this song…
  3. He


    Sounds like either only a couple cared for doing it or they just misplaced the audience mic so only a couple are heard.
  4. I wish for them to make a remake of Madonnas 'Bitch I'm Madonna' to 'Bitch we're T-ara' and make South Korea loathe them more.
    I have my fingers crossed for T-ara in 2015 to keep releasing killer music!
  5. They looked incredible at Gayo Deajun. And even more 'eastern European' as someone said. The hair!
    Sugar free was really the highlight in K-pop for me this year.
  6. They looked incredible, but they had no energy at all. It makes me think of the...2010? Gayo Daejuns when they were promoting Yayaya.
  7. T-ARA had their first solo concert on Christmas. I love the new arrangement for I Go Crazy Because Of You.

  8. I was almost as bored watching this as Soyeon seems to be performing it.
  9. I don't know who would enjoy performing that mess of autotune live.

    Also, that complete "I could care less" attitude is why I love them. They really don't give a damn about putting on that smiling "idol" face all the time and are pretty unapologetic about it.
  10. Soyeon is such inspiration.
  11. The mashup with the DJ Ferry remix they performed at Gayo Daejun was absolutely incredible!

  12. He


    What were they signing at the beginning and at the end?
  13. That new version of I Go Crazy Because Of You is awful. The original still slays.
  14. He


    I guess that version is fine within a concert context. The original is great, but I don't mind some change.
  15. This is the song they covered. I seriously advise against listening to it. The singing is just awful.


    EDIT: This live performance is better and listenable. That can't be the actual studio recording! The vocals are atrocious!
  16. He


    I'm guessing it is a very famous song.
  17. I didn't know it was a cover at first so I had hoped they were gonna release it officially or something as a digital single, but it seems not. Maybe it'll be on their next release.

    Wonder what they're plans are next. Japan return? Finally a Chinese debut? Back in Korea for another release?

    Honestly, I think it'd be better to go to China while they're popularity is high, because it's gonna end up coming to the point where everyone is gonna be taking a stab at China like they did with Japan.
  18. It sounded really good. I wouldn't mind a throwaway single release of the full song. The original is good, but the vocals are just screechingly awful.

    My bet is they'll be off to China again. They'll probably just release Chinese versions of old songs.
  19. I mean, besides GG and Kara, they were the best of the kpop girl group in Japan. Bunny Style was pretty big and Bo Peep was the first #1 debut from a korean group on the weekly charts...

    I don't doubt that they could replicate that in China.
  20. He


    Yeah, I guess some Chinese versions of old singles is the way to go for them. Hopefully a Korean comeback at some point later in the year.
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