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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Every few months I like to torture myself by listening to the Sexy Love teaser and crying over the injustice of it all.

    I just discovered there's a longer teaser than what appeared at the end of the Day By Day MV and it makes me even sadder that CCM had Shinsadong Tiger neuter that beat because of Hwayoungate.

  2. Oh my god. I've never heard/seen that second part.

    Can we just blow up Shinsadong Tiger's twitter and ask him to make it a remix and put it out?
    Like, dear lord I need that in my life.
  3. It sounds like a precursor to Sugar Free. I must have it!!

    Does he even have a twitter account?
  4. He


    Maybe we can pull a Eliot Kennedy, let's just email Shinsadong Tiger saying we're from their management and we need the track.
  5. Wow! Sexy Love is such a jam! I had never heard it before. I got addicted and watched loads of performances. Have they ever performed it as an 8-piece band?
  6. Sexy Love was released after Day By Day, so there's no way they could have performed it as an 8 piece. Hwayoung was already kicked out of the group. The Tokyo version of the video still had Hwayoung's rap in it, but the ones that are online now have the autotuned one.
  7. But most performances of 'Sexy Love' feature Hwayoung, right?
    (Sorry, I haven't properly followed the scandal so my question might sound dumb…)
  8. Nope, she was let go before Sexy Love was ever released or promoted.
  9. Okay, thank you, then.
  10. Does this mean this is a fake?
  11. Yeah, that's just a fan-made edit. It's the closest we'll get to the original version of the song. It does contain the original Hwayoung rap however.

    There's this one too which has the teaser bit a few more times in it.
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  12. Kind of random but I never got around to listening to Absolute First album until like last week and I can honestly say "Like The First Time" is probably my favorite T-ARA song ever ... Does anyone know why Jiyeon was absent in most of the performances?
  13. She was filming a drama...
    God of Study? I think..
  14. I just realized K-Pop has its own sub forum and my mind is destroyed by this information. DESTROYED.
  15. Welcome. You might want to swing by the general thread. If you're a T-ARA fan you are in good company.
  16. Makes sense. Thank you!
  17. After 'Sugar Free' and the EP, I've decided to go through the entire T-Ara discography. (I had never really had the motivation to do it before.)
    So I'm on album number two right now, and I find it weird how the whole 'Yayaya' concept seems failed. Costumes, choreography, mv… I don't know. It doesn't feel right.
    I liked other songs on the EP, though.

  18. You're in for a treat. While Absolute First Album is definitely their best album, they have some really golden album tracks throughout!
  19. I really like YaYaYa. Sure the concept is terrible, but the song is fantastic.
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