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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Yeah, it's not the song that is bad. But I do enjoy T-Ara because they deliver some pretty good 'eras'.
    The styling of toy indians is just… a letdown. And even for bo peep and igcboy, it looked cheap but it was really on point (in my opinion).
    the choreography and the outfits made a really striking package that fitted the song.
  2. I'm Okay, Holiday, I Know the Feeling, and Don't Get Married are all glorious tracks from mini-albums...
  3. YES!! I always feel like I'm the only one that listens to their albums not just for the singles. I Don't Want You, It Hurts, and 'If You Look at Her' are also some of my favorites.
  4. He


    Oh no, they are one of the few kpop acts I listen to that are worth listening to beyond the singles.

    I really like Hue.
  5. Their albums and minis are always top notch! And&End is probably one of the best ones in my opinion.
  6. If I was to rate their albums/mini's

    Absolute First Album/Breaking Heart Repackage
    Day by Day/Mirage Repackage
    Gossip Girls = Treasure Box
    Temptastic = Black Eyes/Funky Town Repackage
    Again/Again 1977 Repackage
    Jewelry Box (Would be higher if it wasn't just remakes and two new songs which are better in Korean anyway!)
    John Travolta Wannabe (Damn remixes!)

    But none of them are unlistenable at all and are all great. It's usually the remixes that are shit. Apart from the EDM Club Sugar Free Edition album, I actually love most of the SUGAR FREE remixes!
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    The Nº 9 club remix or whatever is called is an atrocity.

    Has a T-ARA rate ever happened?
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  8. Don't forget Ma Boo, One and One, Don't Leave! And their Japanese songs!

    w.r.t. Sexy Love, I don't think Hwayoung's scandal was the reason why the original version was scrapped, because there is video of the girls practising the duck squeak riff version with the luxurious Hwa dogg.
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  9. I've listened their discography up to Roly Poly so far.
    John Travolta Wannabe is a fantastic album title but the content itself… The EP isn't that weak but compared to the original versions, the remixes are just noisy. Even the Copacabana version is more boring than the original.
    I like Roly Poly but it isn't that memorable. Unfortunately the chorus is the weaker part of the song to me which makes the song worse than if the rest was boring but there was a strong chorus.

    I think I'm going to listen Black Eyes Today. Seems to be a more mature effort.
  10. CCM/MBK remixes are always horrible I find. Half the time the songs are the same but a different intro and outro or something.
  11. Copacabana is fantastic. I'd even dare say I like it more than the original. One is 70s disco, the other is 80s synthpop. Both equally good, but the slight edge goes to Copacabana because I love 80s synths.
  12. Any updates on Ahreum?
    What is she up to?
    Great look/vocals.
    Seems to have got rid of her instagram?
    Shame she didn't get that 'solo' CCM bull-shitted about.
  13. Her instagram has been the only news about her since she left.

    If you remember when she became haunted, she updated less after that but always supported T-ara's comebacks. Like a month ago, she posted videos of herself at the gym looking really healthy and happy. Then she made her instagram private. Some of her updates hinted that she wanted to come back, but there is nothing official about that yet.

    I miss her a lot.
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  14. [video=youtube;qeAwNRNCAiI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeAwNRNCAiI[/video]
    what do we think about this?

    this is quite boring in my opinion… i hope it's not a one-off and that she'll release something else…
    (there's also an M! Countdown performance and a music video…)

    EDIT: this is the actual music video , the first one is more of a teaser/flashback of the other one.
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  15. I actually like it. The two other songs on the mini are decent too. Especially "Love Effect".
  16. Boram was interviewed by BNT and it seems there's an album in the works for this year.

    I don't know if it's related to their web drama or a regular album, but either way I just want more T-ARA.

    You can read the rest here.
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  17. Wow! Boram has always been my favorite T-ara member. But to me, judging from her interview its seem that she got used to be left behind and not be on the main spot as the other members, and she seems not to care much about it either which is a shame cause I think she is a great singer and very talented. She even thinks that her sister is way better than her but she just got lucky. It’s such a weird thing to read her interview because sometimes I feel the same, I mean, I keep relying on my comfort zone and not fully committing in trying new things and like her I just feel I only grow old and nothing more.

    I can’t say I like her less now after reading her words which seem sincere and with poise, but I wish I could help her somehow in realizing how great she could be. Okay I’m getting all weird and stuff, but somehow her interview made me realize things. I bet the CEO clearly also don’t care much about her (and Qri) this is why she is just fine being on the back. Better than nothing I guess…
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    Wow, she seems very mature but very self-conscious... very relatable, I guess. I wonder if this is how Qri and Soyeon also feel.
  19. After their one interview last year it seems they all have that mindset. Eunjung even said she knows they'll never get back to the level of popularity they had before the bullying scandal.
  20. It truly sucks, but at least they're making a killing in China. They just became the first Korean (girl?) group to hit 1 million fan in their fan cafe page.
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