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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Jawshx, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I've made my way through T-ara's discography. The first album I've listened to was And & End and then I started with The Absolute First Album in the chronological order.
    I really love Again 1977, before the reedition, the album was a bit weak but after, it stands as my second favourite one. Through all their discography I've learnt to love Boram's voice. She really stands out. With Soyeon and Eunjung, she's one of the three interesting vocalists of the band. (I love Q-ri, though). It's weird that she really doesn't get any parts in the songs except in the said album with Do you know me and 느낌 아니까.

    Anyway, now that I've listened to their entire discography, been through Hwayoung and Areum, the bops, the cheesy ballads, I'm fully ready for their comeback.
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    Boram really shines in I Know The Feeling, her chorus with Soyeon is beautiful.
  3. this performance is the only good thing that happened in this era launch. i don't like the single, the mv, the attitude/visuals… i hoped they would get a sugar free/#9 follow-up not… this. Finally Q-ri is getting some lines.

    I've listened to Eunjung solo effort. Not bad. Not single-worthy at all.
  4. I can't say that it's not funny to see them struggling to sing one of their own songs in a karaoke session (they have to swap parts so Boram sings Jiyeon's parts and so on…)
    Also, then they sang an acoustic version of For You only with four members so Boram is getting some deserved parts…
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    Wow, that acoustic version is great. I had never seen them as good live vocalists because they are always very patchy... but give them a stool to sit on and they sound great (even Qri sounds cute).

    That karaoke video is so cute, poor Boram seems so self-conscious! It took me forever to spot Amber as one of the hosts! I might watch the whole thing now. Thanks for the link!
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  6. Is it just me or their solo works are not really good ? I checked them for the first time today and while the choreographies and performances were mostly amazing , none of the songs clicked with me.
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  7. Um....Jiyeon's solo is AMAZING though.
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  8. You're talking about Never Ever right? Its mirror and wall choreo is so iconic but the song is a bit boring for me. I will check her mini to see if my mind changes.

    The only song that I might go back to is Sketch.
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  9. So are they done? did they disband?
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    Is it wishful to think they won't sign with MBK again?

    Boram and Soyeon made it seem like they were "waiting" for the other 4. But Korean PR is always full of big lies.
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