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Tash Sultana general thread

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. She's big news in Australia already and looks set to be huge everywhere in 2017. This track is flying up the Aussie charts. The vocals don't kick in for a while as the layers build.
  2. Just me then.
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  3. Heard the new track only once but I'm impressed. Can't wait to delve into the EP later.

    She was so high up on New Music Friday, work that Spotify cash Tash.
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  4. She is going to be big, already a big viral sensation on the Internet.

    Her voice is so similar to Selah Sue's voice. She is more skilled with instruments.
  5. I just got home from seeing her in concert, after randomly being invited to go. MIND. BLOWN.
  6. I saw her last year on a festival. She lit the room on fire.

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  7. This is gorgeous.
  8. Album Flow State up for preorder, out on August 31!
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  9. It's going to be epic.
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  10. Okay, now we can stop... Harvest Love is everything, she deserves to be a world wide superstar.

    It's pretty much one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. Those vocals.
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