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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. I don't know why this iconic and camp series hasn't gotten a thread yet.

    Does anyone else watch (and wish Greg Davies was also their Dad?). Anyhow, I digress, it's usually pretty great comedians and presenters doing outrageously silly tasks for a whole series, and the women are iconic, and the hettie men are amusing, and the couple of gays along tbe way are great.

    Tasks have included -
    Writing a song about Rosalind

    Long distance painting

    Catapulting a shoe into a bathtub

    Making exotic sandwiches

    An interesting task for just one contestant

    Any other fans?
  2. Like most people, I binged all the seasons over lockdown and fell in love. It's such an easy comfort watch, and the calibre and diversity of the comedians they've got is generally pretty high.

    The past couple of seasons have been a little.. off because of the lack of audience, so I hope they can get crowds in for the next one.
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  3. Where do you watch it? The official YouTube channel used to post full episodes here in the US, but they stopped putting them up after season 10.
    I watched up to the first post-COVID season and loved the whole series.

    My partner watched a bunch of the Chase in college so he was obsessed with Paul Sinha being on the show, but I think my favorite part was seeing Johnny Vegas spiral.
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  4. In the UK it's all on All4, so maybe a VPN can help with the madness?
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  5. Oh, Greg can be my daddy any day. He's just so effortlessly sexy and hilarious.

    The show is amazing and I love how they go out of their way to showcase a variety of comedians. The women they've gotten this year are the best yet, with a good mix of highly competitive (Morgana), creative (Desiree), and looking like they're about to have a breakdown every other task (Victoria). Bless Desiree for realizing that the point of the show isn't to win. I died laughing when she threw the bucket of forks at the balloon...and then the bucket!

    I also can't recommend Taskmaster NZ enough. It's great to binge watch in between the UK series and some of the gags are the funniest I've seen in the franchise.
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  6. I’ve been obsessed with Taskmaster for years. I will say though, you all need to look elsewhere for a daddy because Greg is my 6 foot 8 king!
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  7. Seasons 4 and 5 are the best seasons in my opinion and when they really find their footing (not to say the others are bad).

    One of my favourite tasks will always be:

    Is this Sencha? No it's actually radiate.

    I actively squealed when the series 12 cast was announced, mainly for Victoria Coren Mitchell.

    Episode 1 was pretty strong!
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  8. The Spacehopper Task was a classic this week

    "I'll spit on your hand..."
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  9. The food tasting task was disgusting but hilarious for Little Alex Horne thinking he'd got away with not having to eat foul things for once. VCMs accuracy was fascinating and astonishing; it was very forensic.

    This cast and tasks are really strong this season. The social distance tasks (even the solo ones) is inspiring, and the helmet camera shots add to the excitement I think.

    I wish VCM would display a bit more urgency though. I want her to win, I've always been fascinated by her career ever since I first watched her appearance on Charlie Brooker's "You Have Been Watching" and "Only Connect', but I suppose her pedestrian physical nature is due to her super athletic mind.

    Happy with any of them winning, Morgana/Natalie Cassidy seems to be likely.
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  10. Victoria is so delightfully uncool that I can't help but root for her. The layers pun, the customized inhaler, and not being able to ride a bike all spoke to me. And I howled at her basically ignoring Alan and solving the cipher by herself. I absolutely adored the riddle task, and would love more escape room tasks in general. NZ S2 had a fabulous one where they had to get out of the caravan, though that was solo rather than the team-based one here.
  11. Victoria learning how to ride a bike on TV and not coming last in the task was adorable and triumph. She really should have got a bonus point for that.

    Bedazzling her inhaler was also adorable and her doing the heavy lifting in the riddle task was typical her. It would have been more hilarious if she cracked the cipher without any of Alan's help.

    I'll admit that I did not get her layers joke until her appearance on the podcast. However, Victoria also admitted on the podcast that she get Morgana's "cool" jam spreading task; she just thought she was being sexy and all that.

    I'm so glad she didn't come last in the episode; I feared she might based on tweets and headlines. Hopefully she is on an upwards trend and will at least get one episode win.

    This series' cast is just delightful. I'd be happy of any of them won.
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  12. I didn’t expect Victoria to be a the next Paul Sinha, but seeing someone clearly incredibly intelligent struggle with Taskmaster is always pretty life affirming,
  13. I love this show. I've been watching it since the first season, and I'd say Josh Widdicombe made me a fan with the "buy a present for the taskmaster" task.
    The genius thing about the format is that it somehow not only works with all different kind of comedic personas, it benefits from a healthy mix of comedy styles. I felt the mix was a bit off during season 6, but overall I can think back to each and every season and remember a task that made me laugh like little else.
  14. I miss Sarah Kendall! She was so great last series and always thought outside the box. I feel like Morgana has the same energy this series.
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  15. I want Morgana to win this time, especially after the past two series where my winners were pipped at the post.
  16. That riddle task was sublime
  17. Seeing Desiree getting noticeably annoyed with Guz so early on the task, so much so that Alex literally rolls on the floor laughing is priceless.

    That and the perfect juxtapositioning of the "old" team's 30min attempt vs the "young" team's 1hr 30min attempt.
  18. FYI, for anyone interested in knowing more about the inhaler customeriser trend setter:

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  19. It's against the rules to post the link here but there is a Google Drive account someone maintains and posts everything on there. If you do a Google search for it I'm sure it won't take you long to find.
  20. I had no idea Victoria was actually already on TV 30 years ago!
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