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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. She has the most fascinating, unconventional career (author, presenter, poker player). I like in the Wogan interview that she is not afraid to disagree with Jason Donovan on capital punishment. Contrast that to the screaming fans in the audience.

    I really want to read her book that she wrote as a teenager (about teenage life).

    It may also interest you to know that she wrote and directed a porn film!

    I should stop before this becomes the VCM thread...
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  2. As someone from the US, at first I thought Victoria was a madwoman for carrying pancakes in her purse at all times. Then I looked up what flapjacks are in the UK and realized I also often bring granola bars with me, so I'm as mad as Victoria. And I also realized I play football the same way Victoria does (i.e., avoiding the ball at all times).

    The cake task as a whole is now one of my favorites. So many unique, hilarious approaches. I was like, "Surely no one will take the time to bake a cake from scratch," and of course Morgana proved me wrong. And it was legitimately quite lovely to look at! Also loved that Desiree is such a big fan of the show that she knew there must be a secret cake room.

    This show is such a magnificently futile use of our mortal life span.
  3. Don't know how much Taskmaster you have seen, but the cake task is in honour of this prior task:
    (7:16 onwards)

    Looks like sitting on cakes appears to be a very nice feeling! "Greedy Bottom" is obviously a common Grindr handler.

    I don't classify Victoria as a mad woman, just eccentric in her ways (and a 80 year old trapped in a 49 year old). Her carrying flapjacks in her purse was not at all surprising given that she brings her own sandwiches to other people's dinner parties and eats them in the toilet in case she doesn't like the food!


    I actually think Victoria is much cooler than she thinks she is. She started smoking in her early teens and even tried cannabis at this age. I certainly wasn't doing that in my teenage years!
  4. That live balloon task was the most genuinely tense things I've watched in a while.
  5. I want a secret cake room in my house.
    What a bloody wonderful 100th episode, here's to a hundred more. I hope Morgana wins, she's everything
  6. Echoing the Morgana love. This really is a great cast, throughout.
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  7. Yeah Morgana is a fantastic contestant. Having seen her embody other characters through her impersonations for such a long time, I've never really appreciated how stunning she is. I could just look at her for hours.
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  8. Morgana deserves to sweep this.
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  9. Aw....bless VCM for not understanding football at all. It was the best worst prize, with so many subtle levels of (unintentional) insults, that it should have been given 5 points in my opinion.

    Her reacting to the dog task and being disappointed by the lack of dog was adorable.
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  10. Oh dear lord, I played along with the live task and my drawing came stunningly close to Victoria's picture (though I guessed it was a bird). It's really starting to scare me how relatable I find Victoria. I'm always wary of the non-comedians when they're announced, but I end up loving how awkward they are (Joe, Charlotte, VCM).

    And poor Father Time being unable to pop a balloon! Alan is just having a ball on the show and it's so infectious.
  11. There is nothing to be ashamed with regards to relating to VCM! Embrace the customize inhaler!

    So glad that she won an episode.
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  12. It's getting to the point where I'm starting to defend VCM whenever Greg picks on her. "Victoria is the normal one, Greg! It's the rest of you who are odd!" The only thing that annoyed me about her this week was that she didn't finish putting the snake back in the can.

    Also, Morgana's jingle was an avant-garde bop and I went it pressed on vinyl stat.
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  13. Finally all caught up, and what a series. I actually thought some of the tasks this year were a bit overly complicated, but the cast were so good that they made them work anyway. The final live task in particular was utter brilliance. I'm laughing just thinking about Alan's wow monster and Guz's sex monster. I'm also absolutely amazed and slightly jealous of Desiree's apparent lack of a gag reflex.

    But Victoria, goodness. From not knowing what beatboxing was, to her silly little puns, to being irate that Greg couldn't just give her some pity points at the end, she absolutely stole my heart. I just wanted to hug her because I feel like part of her felt humiliated at times, but I hope she looks back and knows how endearing and hilarious she was. She was such a refreshingly new archetype for the show.

    Morgana was such a deserving winner though, just consistently hilarious while also being surprisingly competent and inventive with the tasks. Really looking forward to seeing her on Champion of Champions III.
  14. It's sad that this season has ended. I genuinely feel this has been one of the best casts; they all genuinely seemed to like and support each other which was heartwarming. It's going to be hard to replicate this, I haven't felt such affiliation since season 5.

    Morgana was a firm favourite at the beginning so it wasn't a major surprise to he victory, but anyone in the top 4 could have won it that episode. It was so close.

    It'e worth pointing out that it could have had a different outcome if Morgana hadn't been awarded numerous bonus points ("little f*cker", bridge task).

    VCM still remains one of my straight man crushes. She also thought "Ru Paul's Drag Race" was about Car Drag Racing for a while. Luckily we have Only Connect'.

    Series 13's cast seems lackluster at the moment, but let's see when it begins.
  15. I think Judi Love and Chris Ramsey will be amazing.
    Hopefully an audience might be back
  16. I can confirm there will be an audience. My sister went to see a recording.
  17. Fully backing the fringe for this episode.

    Maybe she'll bring in her Spleen for the prize task?

    Based on her appearances on Would I Lie to You, Big Fat Quiz of the Year and the Off Menu podcast, I am expectng full chaos with her.
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  18. Anyone caught up on the New Years' Treat?

    Adrian Chiles was the big surprise for me. I was expecting him to be boring and too serious (and not fully embrace the Taskmaster spirit), but he was able to poke fun at himself quite a bit. His completion of the egg task was a big surprise, almost S&M like. And now he's got a MOBO award...

    Claudia was unsurprisingly entertaining chaotic. I wish she makes a full series appearance but that seems unlikely now.

    Lady Leshurr (smoked salmon obsession) and the Baronness MP (her turning angry during the prize task) were also entertaining in different way. The latter seemed very confident and could argue her way into extra points e.g. the prize task. Makes me wonder if MPs in general would be good at Taskmaster (probably not), but they would probably be able to sell their prize tasks and approaches very well.
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  19. Always a shame when someone can't make it to the studio recording. Jonnie was a lot of fun to watch in the tasks and it feels like he missed half of the experience. I loved that he was the only one to embrace the "one touch" tactic for the pole task, and he was the only one to figure out the 85 and pH clues.

    I wish that Lady Leshurr had incorporated salmon into every task. It's so exotic!
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