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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. His daring egg was also the most conventional daring that I would have aspired to emulate! Shame it broke yet he still got it in the cup. Deserved more than Claudia's somewhat pathetic attempt.

    I do feel bad for him missing the studio portion, particularly since this was a one episode affair. But maybe he'll make a return somehow...
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  2. Not long now! 14th April!

  3. First episode was excellent! I particularly enjoyed Sophie's passionate painting technique.

    Having the contestants sit near each other and a studio audience helps immensely. I wish they could redo Series 12 without the covid restrictions now.
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  4. The first ep was fantastic this series. The audience really does help!
  5. I also enjoyed the first episode immensely. Looks like all contestants are going to bring something to the table (although I hope in Ardal's case it's going to be a bit more than "old sad sack" ddddd).
  6. The duck task has already cemented itself as one of my favorites. Very impressive how they managed to stuff so many ducks into that tiny room. And I'm so embarrassed that it took me forever to get the red Richard Herring joke.

    I was a bit lukewarm on the live task though. There was a tendency for the live tasks to have overly complicated rules last season, and this already felt like an extension of that. That said, I'll admit Sophie's final failed attempt was hilarious.
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  7. I forgot this had restarted, I love Judi....
    Like, adore her.

    Let me start
  8. Bridget Christie’s outfit for the tasks has entered the pantheon of god tier task looks.
  9. I'm watching an old series - purely for Rose Matafeo - but it's still gold.

    Daddy Greg forever. Alex kinda creeps me out though. Can't explain it.
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  10. You keep your eyes off my Greg.
  11. I'd have both, and leave nothing for the rest
  12. I will allow you to have Alex but I staked my claim to King Greg yeeeeears ago.
  13. He's big enough that we can feasibly share at once.

    ...Now there's an idea for a task
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  14. Give Greg the best time of his life. Your time starts now.

    (In a past season they had a "blow the most substantial thing off the table" task. My filfth mind was to give a Alex a blow job; Greg probably would have marked me down as Alex is not substantial enough.)

    Do we prefer Daddy Greg with or without the beard and glasses? I think I prefer him with the beard and glasses.
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  15. Aww, I think Alex is a adorable. I love it whenever he breaks character.

    Loved the second episode. Chris and Sophie doing the maypole task within seconds was a sight to behold. And Judi's photo recreation had me dying of laughter. It was so accurate!
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  16. The maypole task was so intense when they did the side by side replay.

    Don't know if it was just me, but they initially edited it to make it look like Sophie took much longer, or at least had thrown multiple balls already, so was surprised she won.

    They also could have done the old Nish Kumar editing trick and edited to make it seem it was done in one shot, rather than multiple.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying Bridget Christie's constant paranoia and frustration/irritation with Alex. She also looks posessed when her eyes widen.

    Mrrrrr is the new shid

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  17. I'd love to see Ardal try to pronounce your username.
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  18. Just wanna say Bridget Christie is 50 years old. Gagged.
  19. This is the best season in years, and part of that is just having an audience back in the room. When it's on fire it's such a joy and a lovely bit of escapist TV.

    This is now a Judi Love stan account, thank you for coming.
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  20. Her Off Menu episode is also hilarious if you haven't checked it out. It involves (through miscommunication) getting squirrels to pole dance and also jerking them off.
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