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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. Genuinely heartbroken for Judi's second near victory episode.

    She also looked genuinely upset and pissed off with Alex (and herself).
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  2. I'm enjoying this series a lot. Ardal is so cute and lovely, Judi is hilarious, Sophie is so cool and I like her on going disdain for Alex. I think Chris will win but hope Sophie takes it
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  3. You missed queen Bridget.
  4. I need to see the "House Queens" create more bops and material!

    Bridget Christie should definitely do Strictly Come Dancing with her weird walks and dances!

    Great season finale, and great season.
  5. Bridget Christie was a revelation for me. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a contestant, her wild swings between genius and lunacy made her one of the best contestants ever for me. Her facial expressions as she tasted the liquids and her percussion as part of the House Queens were incredible moments. I’ve been seeking out podcasts she has appeared on and I think I’m obsessed with her.

    Sophie more than deserved her win, I actually think she was under marked a few times in the first half of the series. A very canny player with great strategy.

    Chris, Judy and Ardal were also great players who didn’t fall into their expected archetypes. Ardal wasn’t just grumpy old man he was also a bitch, Chris was clearly competitive but he was laid back enough to not let it get to him and Judi should go down in history as one of the best worst contestants ever.

    I feel like this is a top tier season and I’m excited for the Contest of Champions next week.
  6. It was definitely one of the stronger more recent seasons; entertaining cast and excellent tasks. Lifting the COVID restrictions from tasks and having a studio audience definitely helped with the excitement and riffing.

    I'm also happy Sophie won. I thought she had a shaky start at the beginning, or at least wasn't strong as I thought she would be but glad she came into her own. She is the first POC winner of Taskmaster, and also Phase 3 CoC is all women at the moment!

    I'm glad someone picked up on Bridget's facial expressions during the liquid tasting task. They were truly bizarre and almost dirty, since she seemed to be enjoying it.

    On the TM podcast last week, they remarked that Bridget is one of the most inconsistent contestants ever; she is either award 0-1 points or 5 points. Not a complete surprise if I'm honest.

    Excited for Phase 2 CoC although wish it was 2 episodes. Would be happy with anyone winning except Lou and Richard.

    And then there will be a Taskmaster void in my life...
  7. It'll be time for a full rewatch
  8. Fixed it for you, how rude.
  9. That’s what I’ve been doing and every time I start a new series I say oh I won’t like this group as much as the last one and obviously I end up loving them completely. The casting on this is so well done.
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  10. I presume the next cast will be announced at the end of the Contest of Champions? It’s already been filmed in the studio so could air relatively soon (think September time?).
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  11. The recent way they've done it is to announce the new cast just after the finale of the current series, which didn't happen this time. I would assume that we'd get new cast news after Champion Of Champions II.

    The Taskmaster fanbase is also adopting the same kind of tricks that Drag Race fans have been employing for years and checking various comedians' availability etc and are discovering potential names.

    Rhys James is heavily rumoured.

    Also, from Sarah Millican's newsletter:
    Studio filming is done in one week, two episodes a night - so missing a week of tour could be a big indicator that she filmed the studio segments in that week?
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  12. I have no idea who they’ll have for the next one but maybe we should have some guesses?

    Ivo Graham
    Tom Allen
    Suzi Ruffell
    Isy Suttie
    Diane Morgan (if only)
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  13. The Tom V Suzi dynamic would be fun!

    I think my dream cast would be a combination of the following:
    Jayde Adams
    Siobhan McSweeney
    Tom Allen
    Russell Tovey
    Clara Amfo
    Mo Gilligan
    Tim Minchin
    Tom Davis
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  14. Yes to Diane Morgan! Or rather yes to Philomena Cunk.

    Saying that she was a bit too miserable on the Off Menu Podcast in my opinion (possibly because she played her character?) So may be equally miserable on this.

    In addition to checking availability (very sneaky!) , I would probably check to see who from the Off Menu Podcast, 8 out of 10 cats does countdown, Mock the Week, any Dave panel show hasn't done it yet.

    I'd like:
    • Adam Kay
    • Sindhu Vee
    • Richard Ayoade
    • Robert Webb
    One off special episodes more likely
    • Konnie Huq
    • Charlie Brooker
    • Stacey Solomon
    • Olivia Coleman
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  15. Bop from the Kweens of the UK. I'm expecting a Beyonce collab on the new album.

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  16. Also, the winner of Champion of Champions 2:
    Richard Herring, ugh. I’d have been thrilled with anybody but him.
  17. Fern Brady is an incredible casting choice.
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  18. You were dead on with Sarah! Excellent detective and deduction skills. 5 points to you.

    However, by replying to your post I have spoiled the winner of CoC2 for myself. I'm going to have deduct one point for that (even though it is not really your fault..)
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  19. That facial hair was my champion of champions. Was amazing to see Liza and Kerry again.

    I was disappointed too, especially with the final task being worth 5 points, it rendered everything else kind of irrelevant.

    However knowing what Richard has gone through since his series aired and the fact they delayed filming of Champion of Champions until he was healthy enough to compete, I can’t begrudge him winning and he looked quite moved at the end.
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  20. The facial hair was SO convincing and confusing as it did suit her immensely. Did she genuinely grow it out? I may have missed it.

    I agree that the final task was very arbitrary and disappointing; it was basically one of those pure luck Mario Party minigames.
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