Tasmin Archer

In Your Care popped up as I was listening through Now 24 and I can only guess its heavy-handedness went against it at the time.

It's a great song, but follow up to a No. 1? Mmmnah. She should've picked one of the more uptempo tracks instead.
Lords of the New Church should have been the follow-up, yes. But In Your Care was released for Childline charity I think it was, although with her shouting that son-of-a-bitch bit, I'm not sure it got much airplay?

Also, she took forever to release a follow-up, if my memory serves well Sleeping Satellite was released in late August and In Your Care in mid-February and the album was already released, so...
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I remember my sister’s boyfriend at the time had the album - and it seemed an odd thing for him to buy as he was into rave anthems! Anyway, I remember listening to it and Arienne being the one that stood out to me back then - that should have been the follow up single. I also recall the blurb in NOW 23 saying how it was written in 1988 and me thinking how that was like a million years ago. Nowadays to me, 4 years ago feels like nothing.
I only heard the single version of Arienne when I got the deluxe reissue recently. It bops and pops!

Love that the backing vocals are lifted higher in the mix. I heard things I’d never clocked before, especially in the middle eight.

You’re right, should’ve been the follow-up, but the moody 16 year old in me liked the In Your Care angst.
I would have gone with 'The Higher You Climb' as the second single. It's poppier than 'Lords of the New Church', and they made a 12" version... suggesting that it was a contender for a single release. It would have needed a remix for the 7" version, though, with a more-immediate intro.

I love 'In Your Care', but it was a bold single choice.

'In Your Care' received zero exposure in Australia... but somehow became her second-biggest 'hit' here (at #145 ddd). I was a big fan of 'Sleeping Satellite', but didn't even know 'In Your Care' had been released locally. There was mention of it being the follow-up in (Oz) Smash Hits, but that's it. I caught 'Lords of the New Church' on TV a month or two later... once, at about 4:30 a.m. on rage, and assumed that 'In Your Care' had been shelved. 'Sleeping Satellite' took off belatedly here, released in November 1992 but not peaking until April 1993, so it mucked up the schedule a bit.
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What did folks think about the second album? I loved the overall sound and production but there weren’t any obvious break out songs.

I only heard 'One More Good Night With the Boys' at the time.

I checked Bloom out on Spotify a few years ago and... didn't really like it a whole lot. Nothing stood out as particularly memorable, and it sounded too samey across all of the tracks for my liking.

Since Sweet Little Truths, I've given it another chance. While I like it a lot more than my initial impression, it still feels like a little bit of a chore to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. There just aren't enough 'extra oomph' moments. I like the first half of the album more than the second half, or maybe I just get tired with it by the end.
She did not want to play the fame game at all, I think she would have been happier with mid-charting singles and become more unknown, and still doing things her way. With a #1 single, greater expectations (pun intended) were put on her.

Also, remember she came to music fame relatively late, at 29, so she had a different perspective and was more wary of the whole entertainment industry scheme.
Sleeping Satellite going to #1 pretty much buggered everything up. It would have been better for her, and her career, if it had made #37 or something, and she'd built up her profile with some singles and the album.
What did folks think about the second album? I loved the overall sound and production but there weren’t any obvious break out songs.
I still think Bloom is Tasmin's best album. From start to finish there isn't one track I skip. Since 1996 I pretty much listened to this album weekly.

I'd really want a vinyl release of this album but that'll probably never happen.
The album version goes on a bit, but I cropped it down and put in a nice earlier fade and it's unstoppable.

Her voice was severely underrated.