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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by TRAVVV, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Accomplished actress, singer-songwriter, and 3x GRAMMY NOMINATED Tayla Parx self-released her debut album today. Here's a nice write-up from Billboard if you aren't familiar:

    I loved her work with JoJo, and her track I Love You from last year. The album bops, despite the cringe artwork and title.
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  2. Not my fave on the album. But a bop still.
    Anyone here? @Vasilios?
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  3. Looks like she signed to Atlantic and taken down last year’s self released “mixtape”. New single:
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  4. Is anyone out there? New single from Tayla coming Friday.
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  5. londonrain

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  7. Oh yeah, I really like Me Vs Us, I'll have a listen to some of the other songs and see what they're like.
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  8. Might I suggest the following?

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  9. Thank you, I'll get on it. A song called Mama Ain't Raise No Bitch is always likely to catch my attention.
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  10. I’ve been wondering if she had a thread on here but you beat me to it, @TRAVVV! I’m hoping we get an EP soon and that her solo career ends up more Ella Mai/H.E.R than Sevyn Streeter.
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  11. Recent collaboration:

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  12. For anyone in the Los Angeles area:

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  13. It’s interesting that she’s already talking about an album after only one proper single release with Atlantic.
  14. I randomly found out today that she's voicing AJ on the Walking Dead video game (which may be cancelled due to Telltale's bankruptcy).

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  16. I went to a premiere party she hosted for the video, and it was honestly one of the craziest LA parties I've been to in a while. So much fun.
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  17. Teasing an album (?!?!) again on social media:

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  18. Recent profile for PAPER Magazine:

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  19. She announced on Instagram that the album is coming in February! With a cactus emoji?

    Serve us Ms. Parx!
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