Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) [Oct 27] + Re-Recordings

Listening now!

All of the Girls sounds SO much better cleaned up in HQ, I'm ascending. And I was right, it's a Louis Bell/Frank Dukes song. We were really robbed not having this on the original tracklisting.

If This Was A Movie is, as predicted, a big level up from the original in the same way most of Fearless TV was, and I'm getting so nostalgic hearing it (it was never one I really revisited). I'm SO ready for Speak Now TV.

And now for the ones I'm most excited about...
Safe & Sound....I can't stop crying, we did it kids. It made me so emotional hearing the Civil Wars together again too omg. It's fantastic as expected. It really showcases how much stronger her voice has gotten, she has a thicker tone now as opposed to the more delicate way she sang the original that might take a little getting used to on this song for some. That said, it's gorgeous.

Eyes Open is MUCH better than the original, her voice always sounded a little weak on that one and the mixing was so odd on it...thankfully both of those things have been fixed and it has so much more punch now.
I've always really liked the original version of Eyes Open, but the new version totally rules. Her voice sounds better and it's got better production. Safe and Sound also sounds fantastic, and I mean the song hits so much harder when you're hearing The Civil Wars sing together again for the first time in almost a decade.

Slice of Life

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Wait @ If This Was A Movie sounding so good???????

Release Speak Now, well, now!!!!!! @Taylor Swift
All Of The Girls really should have been the opener on Lover, it's so much better than I Forgot That You Existed and flows really well into Cruel Summer.
If This Was A Movie has always been one of my favorites and her version is sooooooo great. I need Speak Now yesterday.
Safe & Sound is absolutely beautiful and Eyes Open sounds SO MUCH BETTER than the original. I love her so much. And I feel so validated having always thought they belonged on Red now.
I’m so happy to have these four songs, Safe & Sound is gorgeous again (as expected), Eyes Open is so much better and If This Was A Movie has been elevated by her voice.

All of The Girls really is even better in HQ!

But the mess they’ve made with these… On Apple Music they’re even tagged with the year their respective albums were released.