Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

Nope. She is massive here, but not in the same way she is in say, the US/Australia. I think some of the GP would know Wildest Dreams despite its low chart peak, but Shake It Off, Blank Space, Bad Blood and Style feel like the songs from the 1989 era that most people here would know.

In the US, despite charting far lower, I think Wildest Dreams feels like a bigger hit than Bad Blood. I remember it lasting longer on the radio and I still hear it more in public, on my mom's stations, etc.
Fearless shipped this morning! Should have it either tomorrow or Friday, can’t wait!!!
Target and Amazon haven't shipped my vinyl or cassettes (respectively) yet, but Amazon says the cassettes should arrive on Tuesday. Which would be annoying, but I'm taking a weekend vacation, so I wouldn't be able to enjoy them till Tuesday (TM Aimee Mann) anyway!
Wildest Dreams was definitely a modest hit in the UK, it only originally made no. 40 but like someone said earlier she wasn’t on streaming back then so that really hampered her single sales. It definitely feels quite well known here and better known than Out of the Woods or Bad Blood even, I think this is shown by it making number 25 this time round, obviously TikTok has helped too.