Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

Judging by the “leaks” (so obviously taking them with a pinch of salt), it sounds like a perfect synopsis for Getaway Car TV. Surely she’s not filming Reputation TV videos already though?
Throwback to when that music video set piece leaked pre-reputation and everyone thought it looked like a clock and started the “Timeless” rumors…and it turned out to be the frame of the bank vault scene from the Look What You Made Me Do video
The pictures of balcony & the piano just don’t match up the heist/explosion vibes going on here. Are we Enchanted or are we in a Getaway Car?
Hopefully whatever this is will be announced soon. Usually videos take 2-4 weeks to be finished/released but she could just be shooting this now while she isn’t on tour and keep it locked for months.
Maybe she did shoot both a MV from Midnights and a Speak Now TV teaser because her eras couldn't get more confusing.

Give me a Vigilante Shit music video. Give me it!