Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

I remember hearing the "You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter" line for the first time and going, oh. She's gone on to better as well as cheapen that thread of talent, many times over, but it was such a spark. Of a poignant narrative mastery just on the line between precocious and wise which was, and remains, all kinds of relatable and endearing. This will be so lovely to step back into.
Already kind of jealous thinking about how the TV release will lead to more Speak Now songs on the setlist, but only starting after the July 7 date.
I can’t stop looking at the cover, it’s gorgeous. Poor Fearless TV getting a quick little Covid photoshoot shot and Red TV getting a short little set while she was taking evermore pics.
I find the Fearless cover to be pretty amazing. It just matches, there’s a sense of movement happening… I like it a lot. And the Speak Now cover is beautiful as well. It’s a bit “Beauty AI Shot” but makes up for the original cover too.

Now Red… yeah that’s kinda Evermore Outtake. I know it had its own set and the ring and all but… the original cover being one of my favorites doesn’t help I guess.
Okay Fearless TV cover is beautiful, it’s the perfect reimagining and same with Speak Now TV, I didn’t love Red TV as much as Red OG is my favourite album cover along with 1989, that I can’t wait to see how she interprets.
The Fearless TV cover is ok. I hate that it's in sepia but oh well...

Red TV is nice but the original was stunning. I really hope she nails 1989 TV because that's a timeless cover.

It turned purple yesterday during the announcement. Completely giving into fanfiction but if she announces 1989 tonight I swear....................

Scientists will be studying her unprecedented success for generations to come, and really I think it’s down to a perfect storm of a number of factors, but could it be said that she proves that frequent, regular album releases work? The era of waiting 3 or 4 years between releases is maybe a bit outdated in the streaming age. Of course, there are many examples of this strategy working in the last few years, but none have reached Taylor’s level. She’s got a really solid foundation of kids on her side if TikTok / my cousins are anything to go, so presumably they’ve only come onboard in recent years. Like, the people want to consume. And she gives them shit to consume.

As I said, I think ultimately there are a bunch of factors which have resulted in her being in this absolutely monstrous position of earth-shattering success, but yeah, I think her not going radio silent for 2-3 years at a time has certainly helped.