Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

We must be close to a single or at least the teaser for The Vault tracks, right?

Wednesday will be a month exactly so makes sense to do something then (potentially announce a single for Friday?!).


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Hmm I know people said this would happen because it's the only Speak Now song to have a cowriter, but the fact that she's actually excluding If This Was a Movie (and retconning it as a Fearless song in the process) is weird and I don't like it.

Would it have been so hard to just make a digital deluxe version that included it, plus Safe & Sound and Eyes Open instead of burying them in those useless Spotify chapters.


This is circulating on Twitter, unsure if it’s real or not. One of the features is Hayley Williams on “Castles Crumbling”. There’s another feature, but I can’t read it well.

Fall Out Boy, maybe?.

The only thing that makes me doubtful of this is the inclusion of "Timeless". Wasn't that what we believed 1989 was going to be called?
I think it's a shorter name than Fall Out Boy, looks like two words/names, so I think it's just a solo artist but I always was staring at it for an unhealthy amount of time to try and figure out who the feature is.