Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

I don’t get why she’s trying to retcon 1989 into a Hamptons/Rhode Island album when it’s never been that. It’s a New York City album.
To be fair, I do see it as kind of both? Originally, 1989 was a trust fund girly moves to the big city album for me but somewhere along the way, and I don't know where, it also kind of turned into like, Upstate Coast Album as well? The vibe of the rerecording visuals doesn't feel that far off to me, though I do see what you mean. Maybe it's what she originally wanted to do with more of the album art? I do agree that she's forcing a bit too much of the Upper Class Coast vibe onto it when it should be more Upper East Side.
Her references are just so... sigh. I mentioned Lauren Greenfield and Elaine Constantine last time, but Charles H. Traub would have been pretty cool too. He's probably too old to have actually photographed her himself, but even as a reference... There's something hyperreal about some of his work (specifically the Lunchtime series) that I think could have represented the album better than the local grocery checkout lifestyle magazine spread she's serving on the covers so far.
Katy being pictured on a boat with Scooter in Croatia. Not Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version) about to be relevant again in 2023.

not too late to recreate this for alternate cover 65
Not this drip drip of variants to come.

Everything being so flat is so ugly ddd.

1989 is defined by the polaroid look and should be vibrant with the contrast blown out. The aesthetic being so off is like.. does she get *why* so many people like this album?

It's so whimsical and light. It's funny she knee-jerked so hard to Lover being her ~sparkly~ album when this project is where her music has sounded the most bright. it just represents such an era of... the first kiss of youth turning into adulthood and endless possibility.

Like.. girl, give us Tumblr VSCO girl fantasy, not Facebook mom taking photos at the beach with her new iPhone!
The album always gave me urbanism, not the beach. If she really only did a beach theme because of the seagulls on her sweatshirt... photoshop her onto the XCX World Tower.
The new cover is kinda serving Coney Island / adjacent to water vibes, which is good when these were the best photos of the era:




Pennsylvania suburban girlies' first day taking the ferry for fun on her lunch hour because she got an internship at ELLE magazine? Welcome to New York indeed!
If you do a line by line reading of 1989 lyrics you’d probably get more beach then city from it. In retrospect the NYC angle felt more like convenient table setting for the era than anything truly informing the music.

Reputation remains her one true urban album heh
Fans/delulu Swifties are saying she might show up at The National’s concert tomorrow night in NYC. Not to clown, but that outfit is definitely giving evermore…
Alexa play Coney Island!
The delulus were right about 1989TV to be fair so stranger things have happened.