Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

That back cover (?) is giving horror movie vibes.
It's very Pearl coded
is Sweeter Than Fiction really a 1989 era track? I though it was more Red
It’s the first song she ever made with Jack, so I can see why it’s getting added onto 1989 - it was essentially a bridge between the two eras.

(Also the mixing on the original version is a mess, so I’m hopeful that Jack was able to upgrade it for the re-recording because the underlying song is quite good.)
The way Jack is completely right about this and it is hysterical seeing Swifties comment their love for Rep in comments defending the album. I could write a think piece of the Rep era and how that era was cursed and the album was not well received at the time. We cannot rewrite history!!

I mean... the things that people took issue with about Reputation are still there. They didn't just disappear. I Did Something Bad's bridge still takes you out of the song and ruins the fun. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things is still an eye roll. Her denouncing people saying she wore a padded body suit but not denouncing Neo-nazi's using her image was....a choice.

The album was never bad and time and narratives move on and people are less annoyed with the things that were annoying about it. That isn't specific to that album. People have "come around " to Bionic and Artpop too. The difference of course is those albums didn't sell a million copies in a week, have #1 hits, and give absolutely no reason for the artist in question to feel victimized over it.