Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

The only interesting thing she’s said about Kimyegate was closure’s lyrical eyeroll at what I assume was Kim’s attempt to rebuild a bridge that Taylor has no interest in repairing for the sake of a cleaner PR image. As someone who can be a “you fuck with me, you’re dead” girl on occasion, I get it! Everything else since is just “stop, stop, he’s been involuntarily committed already.”
The Time article is great. It’s a great ribbon bow on the last few years and a succinct (highly fictionalised) account of how she got to be where she is today.

I remember studying novels with unreliable narrators and there’s a whole strand of them known as fabulists - people who craft their own stories with very little relation to the truth and you kind of have to peep through the writing to see what actually happened. (Nabokov’s Lolita springs to mind.)

This is Taylor’s version to a T.

The fact this article ends by drawing attention to the fables she’s creating and allows them to stand anyway is so … delicious.
Taylor seems completely hellbent on ensuring Kim Kardashian is remembered in the pop culture history books as "that woman who wronged Taylor Swift", and it's kind of amusing that even with her newfound power and success it's not really working. Just let it go.
Tell that to all the people commenting snakes all over Kim's social media. We really are reliving the Reputation era over again but this time in reverse.
I thought by now everyone would have already been able to foresee that she would never leave it well enough alone, specially with the rerecorded version of that album coming up next...
Even though I wish we wouldn't need to hear about this topic ever again, I don't understand why she is always supposed to be the bigger person, take the high road, etc. At the end of the day it is as the author said at the end of the article: what she felt is valid. If she felt what they (K&K) did brought her to a very low point in her life, if it affected her mental health, then she is in her right to feel the way she does. Feelings don't have to be rational. (I also think many people forget or tend to ignore that she implied that what happened made her feel suicidal, and even though for many it may seem extremely exaggerated, that might have been her truth. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if the rep vault songs are more angry/depressed than what we got on the album, and I can imagine how many people will react negatively to that)
The profile doubles as an advertisement for reputation, but this is where the obvious preset agreements for the interview come into play again, because she wasn’t asked about a few major big things that she did in the past year. So we end up retreading old ground.
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Still going through the stems and they're so fun to listen to. On Welcome to New York, I had no idea that there was a track that was literally just a recording of a city street? And then in the chorus, some kind of applause and cheering that sounds like it's from an old movie or something?

And in Style, it's so fun to hear the dry lead vocal. I've always loved the drama in the second verse....she was acting.