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Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. In my wildest dreams I'd be a 10min version of August and that live performance of Champagne Problems on side B.
  2. I feel like the folklore long pond sessions make the most sense as an exclusive release.

    I probably would be happiest with a collection of the soundtrack songs she did while with Big Machine.

    But the majority of the stars being purple with just 2 in red has to be a sign of something Speak Now with a hint of Red?
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  3. Those purple stars mean I am MANIFESTING Speak Now TV.
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  4. What purple stars? Where? I'm so confused.
    Is there a social media account I'm forgetting to check?
  5. In the tweet above and also here
  6. In the event that was released, I doubt she’d include anything from BMLG, as she didn’t on the video or streaming releases
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  7. We’ll definitely have a least an announcement of the next release by April, so whether it’s a variant of that or a unique release, time will tell. But the purple stars and text are promising….
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  8. Ohhhhhh I didn't realize @Florencia. edited her post. I'm dumb.
    Anyway, that's awesome! Super excited and really hoping it'll be Speak Now.
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  9. The fact it says (Taylor’s Version) is a hint to a re-release as well, no?
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  10. There are 13 purple stars…
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  11. She wouldn’t miss out on the money from making her vinyl album available through all options nn - but maybe a vinyl release of the lead single?
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  12. Speak Now is the last one I'm most excited for, so I will be manifesting Enchanted (Taylor's Version).

    On a similar note, I'm interested in how she'll approach the Speak Now artwork given that it feels the most steeped in her fairytale worldbuilding. The new Fearless cover was a shoot and the Red cover was a soft boot, so hoping for more of the former than the latter.
  13. I could see it being an exclusive variant of the next re-recording (presumably Speak Now) for record stores but her still having regular variants available through other channels.
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  14. Excited about the RSD news! I could see it either being:
    -A RSD exclusive variant of the next re-recording
    -The Long Pond Sessions
    -A 10" of the All Too Well 10 Minute Version

    Also, April is earlier than it usual is, no?
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  15. The way she's going to send 'Enchanted (Taylor's Version)' straight to #1

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  16. April was when Fearless (Taylor’s Version) was released, so she might be doing an April & November release again this year? Who knows with her.
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  17. Isn't this a Sophie Ellis-Bextor song?
    The quotes around "special release" have a threatening aura.
  18. I very much doubt she’d (re)release another album coinciding with record store day. Perhaps a limited edition vinyl of some sorts, but nothing too major. The optics would be her hijacking the day for self-promotion when it is supposed to be about driving traffic to independent record stores/boosting the sales of independent artists. It’s really cool that she’s adding visibility to it, but I can’t imagine the chaos that would ensue if she released anything major for it/the backlash from independent artists who would be missing out on sales because Swifties stormed every record store dd
  19. Earlier than usual for RSD, I think it's normally in June? But I could totally see the next re-release coming in April.
  20. RSD usually landed in April pre-Covid, but it's been later in the year during the past couple of years.
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