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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. I'm here for all the preachers of the Lord's word I can get, sister.
  2. I want a poster.
  3. The Wonderland cover is actually incredible. It doesn't even look like her, and I absolutely love how it looks like a mid-80's teen magazine.
  4. For all the Beyoncé comparisons, what the Blank Space music video really reminds me of is this:

  5. I've seen so many positive 1989 posts on Facebook lately -- from a lot of ardent hipster-y folks too who "have to admit they are actually digging a T-Swift album, Christ". Convert them, Taylor.
  6. That Wonderland cover is giving me Nightmare on Elm Street Nancy vibes...I like.
  7. It's her eyebrow game that makes the magazine cover. Those brows are amazing.
  8. Clean sounds quite a bit like The Lucky One, no?
  9. I'm not over that Wonderland cover. She is straight up channeling Julia Nobis in Jil Sander.

    Can she always looks this cool please? I'm seeing so many heads turn for that image, heads that have never turned for her.
  10. Finally got around to listening to this properly. After two listens, I think my favourites are 'All You Had To Do Was Stay' and 'How You Get The Girl'.

    I enjoy them all but can't get into 'Wildest Dreams' because of how much it reminds me of Lana Del Rey's 'Without You'
  11. "Shake It Off" is still #1 in the US despite being taken off Spotify and Trainor climbing back to #1 all week on iTunes. This mean that Taylor is going to replace herself at #1 next week with "Blank Space". This woman. This woman.
  12. In the midst of her worldwide reign, Diplo thought it was appropriate to tweet this...

    ...and more. Check his timeline if you'd likely to witness an idiot be an idiot.
  13. ^ I bet Madonna made him do that!
  14. Has that ever happened before? If so, I missed it (or it was before I was born).
  15. I know the work of a certain Katheryn Hudson when I see it.
  16. People have actually donated.
  17. If you had just presented me with that image alone, I honestly would not have guessed that to be Taylor Swift in a million years.
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