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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Agreed. Style could become another #1 for her if she and her team get everything right, and I think it's possible for the rest of her singles run to go top 10, which is a wonderful position to be in. However, Taylor is one the right now who stands the biggest chance of getting multiple #1's, just because of the wave she's riding right now.
  2. Wha da fuh?

    They play her songs all the time. Rarely in their original form, but remixes for sure. And yes I am 100% sure they are clubs and not bars. Not even just gay clubs, the straight ones too!
  3. It's all about the video and promo from now on. If she gets those right (like she did with Blank Space), she could be close to her Teenage Dream era.
  4. 5 #1's is pretty much irrelevant when you've racked up 3 million copies sold in the US alone in less than two months without the need for a single remix, rent-a-rapper or re-release.
  5. Lemme give the good sis some love and say its her best song ever. Soz not soz.

    Also while I (stupidly) was not here for I Know Places at the start, it is now one of my favourites. Not a single at all though.
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  6. Adele.
  7. At least Katy has the Superbowl? Right, everyone? Right, Katy? Katy?
  8. For some reason I could have sworn 'Set Fire to the Rain' Hadn't hit #1. I think with 'Stay' and continued marketing savvy Taylor could likey make 4 #1s happen.
  9. I'm in the daydreaming-the-music-video stage of stanning for "Style". I imagine it to look almost exactly like Sky's "You're Not the One", and she would obviously serve this look:


    I didn't have much better to do today honestly.
  10. I'm sure the NFL are kicking themselves they didn't just wait a month and jump on the T. Swift bandwagon.
  11. I hope she does! I really think the singles could be as big as the album with this one. Videos are going to be her biggest crutch for that #1 spot, and if she follows with the quality of Blank Space, she'll be fine.
  12. I'm almost positive they've considered her already, but the Halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi and Taylor's endorsement deal with Coke doesn't end until 2017 apparently. But that deal is worth tens of millions, and the halftime show wouldn't really give her any sort of undeniable boost at this point in her career. Like, how much higher can she even go?
  13. They played Shake It Off at the club last night and I went completely insane over it featuring strangers singing along at the bridge and everything. Say what you will about the song, it is infectious.
  14. Are you calling for the return to action of The Swift Project who's awful dance version of "love story" swept the UK clubs one summer?
  15. I love that look to a ridiculous degree but "red lip classic thing that you like" though.

    The "Style" video is going to have to balance '''''timelessly beautiful'''' with enough interest to ensure those repeated views.
  16. So funny you would mention the You're Not The One video. I think we have very similar visions for the video.

    In my head it starts off with Taylor laying down on the hood of a classic mustang from a bird eye view. Lots of fog and strobe lights that go from blue to red for the chorus (similar to You're Not The One). The car rotates around as the camera slowly pans down as Taylor starts to slowly get up and sit on the hood of the car. Soon you see that there is a guy sitting in the driver's seat with sunglasses on not moving (looks a bit like Harry). During the chorus, projections of video footage would start to be projected onto the car and walls around the room (think Ariana's The Way video crossed with this , even We Found Love. By the second verse Taylor has crawled over the windshield and into the passengers seat she starts to interact with the boy. (The whole time the car is still revolving so we see all these scenes played out from 360 degrees). "See I heard that you've been hanging out with some other girl, some other girl" Taylor pulls the boys face towards hers as she sings this line. Basically she does some more rummaging about the car as more crazy video projections light up the room for the second chorus. By the time the crazy "Take me homeeeeeee" part happens Taylor is on the back of the car on sitting up on her knees properly belting out the song very dramatically. Basically the whole thing would be one continuous take. It would be simple but amazing visually. Taylor would get to belt out the song as she does and be herself too. It would end with her back lying on the car like at the beginning from a bird's eye view.
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  17. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone one here thought Blank Space would be this successful as a single, I'm not sure is Style could top it commercially.
  18. I want Bad Blood to be the single after Style. New album then.
  19. Style will decimate the game with the right video.
  20. I am getting 1989 deluxe for Christmas and I have actually managed to resist temptation and not listen to it so I can finally join in the debate in a matter of days. I am expecting a pop masterpiece.
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