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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. That Taylor Swift imitation is immaculate. It could have been her herself, I'm impressed.
  2. I love the entire album and if was up to me all the songs would be a single, but as far as what I think would boost her even more the crown goes to Out Of The Woods, what a amazing pop tune, catchy, amazing production and as radio friendly as it gets. News Romantics and Stay are great too, I just think Out Of The Woods screams number 1 in more territories

    Taylor her PR superpower
  3. Wait, she's playing Rock in Rio in Brazil????
  4. Sorry for this sort of sterile numbers talk, but yours are a bit off.

    Before 1989, Taylor had sold just under 29 million worldwide. With 1989's sales of to this past week included she's at 35.3 million worldwide, yes with about 27 million from the US. As of this past week, 1989 is at 4.3 million in the US and 6.3 million worldwide.

    She was also certified by the RIAA as the best selling digital artist in US history a few weeks ago, with about 85 million singles sold in the US alone.

    While it's true that her numbers skew towards the US in a major way, ever since she's gone more pop she has been shifting the same numbers (or more) as the other "big pop girls" internationally. I think she's proven with Red/1989 that when she makes music that appeals on a worldwide scale, she can compete and beat the other girls with relative ease.

    And this is unrelated (still cool to me), but We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together has just become a million seller in Japan...and it's still charting and is #47 on iTunes there. 2 and half years later.
  5. Because Taylor Swift is too mainstream for Vox readers' sensitivities.
  6. The only thing I care about is which one I'd rather listen to, and frankly that's a no-brainer. Why can some of us not enjoy music without having the validation of 10 million other people?
  7. Amazing. Have they done this for any other songs? Had a quick look but couldn't see any others.
  8. Cackling.
  9. 'Style is flopping.' She has four unique songs in the top twenty five on US iTunes, no one else has two, and the only artist with two songs in the top thirty is Maroon 5, and even then it's two separate versions of the same song.

    Blank Space is still holding on really strong to radio (based on my experience, not scientific data, sorry), and I even heard Shake It Off again yesterday, meaning she's diluted her own pool of success. Honestly, her team probably could have held on to Style until late March if they wanted, positioning it as the song of summer.
  10. That analysis of "Style" is wonderful, though I wish they hadn't bothered with the music video because it's still so disappointing and because the song itselfs already says a ton about Taylor's maturity as an artist right now.

    As for the song underperforming... ehh, 'Blank Space' was still selling like crazy just weeks ago, which is to say lots of interested and willing consumers still don't have the full album. Her team could've waited a bit but "Style" will still go on to perform amazingly.
  11. I guarentee Style will be another top 5 for her [if not another number 1]. Give it time. Blank Space is still performing well as is Shake It Off.
  12. Why are people saying that 'Style' is stalling or under-performing? It's Top 10 on U.S. radio without an adds date, and it's almost Top 5 on iTunes. If she does any promo for it, it'll undoubtedly be another #1 for her. Hell, even if she completely neglects it, it's already turning out to be a smash.

    I actually don't mind the video. I was hoping for something along the lines of Lana's 'Born to Die' video, namely the car scenes and their drive literally ending in flames, but it isn't awful...just a bit boring.
  13. I agree, it will smash as soon as she starts doing some promo. I expect it to reach its peak at the end of March at the latest.
  14. Style is seriously the perfect song. I'm so upset it got a shit video.
  15. It will definitely smash big.
  16. That analysis is phenomenal. That's the kind of thing that I need to fill my life with, with all my favourite popstars. Style has inducted itself on my list of songs that I will never grown tired of. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of Taylor Swift songs on that list.
  17. But is she going to do any more promo now she's deep into "tour rehearsals." Why do I get the impression that selling so much in such a short amount of time has probably satisfied her enough that she's probably like 'fuck it, let's focus on that tour coin and leave my singles to languish on the charts in the meanwhile.'
  18. I really wouldn't blame her if this is the case though - she scorched the charts worldwide with her album and singles thus far, so it's pretty much a guarantee that whatever she releases now will chart high with or without promotion.

    I'm so excited for her tour! I really want her to put on a huge show, which I have no doubt she will.
  19. Hopefully the rivalry with Katy means she'll try and best the Teenage Dream campaign.
  20. RJF


    People seem to have forgot she's performing in three days.
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