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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. I think she just gets bored easily. Typical for a Sagittarius with Mars in Scorpio since we're due Saturn's annual retrograde.

  2. Style's a definite slow burner. I could see it possibly reaching the top 5 by spring.
  3. I just checked kworb (I don't love myself), and "Style" looks like its gaining and gaining in radio and sales. So, like, yeah.
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  4. It's 2015 and I still have Fearless in the rotation of 5 discs I keep in my car. So yeah.
  5. Fearless is still a near bulletproof teen coming of age album. White Horse, Breathe, The Way I Loved You and Forever & Always all sit with the best of her work.
  6. The original version of Forever and Always is kinda whatever. The piano version on the re-release is where its at.
  7. Is Fearless her biggest seller?
  8. Yup, it's on 6m+ if I recall. Dem Grammy sales.
  9. Fearless is at 7 million in the US and about 9.5 worldwide. And it's still perfect. Will she ever top "Hey Stephen"?

    1989 is at 4,420,000 sold as of last week and predicted to sell another 50k this week. It definitely won't catch Fearless, but are you sure you don't want to change your prediction?
  10. 1989 will easily reach 5 million by the time it's done, if not more.
  11. I think she'll do quite well at the next Grammy's (barring an Adele release), which will see another spike in sales.
  12. I really think Fearless is her best produced and most succinct album to date. I know in one regard it's a tick the box hit factory output, but god damn, it's so perfect. How many years after and I can still get my life to every damn song, after at least a couple dozen minimum plays (yes, even Love Story) Add in the re-release tracks and for me it's her second best album behind "Red" (i'd totally put Untouchable & Come in with the Rain in my top 5 TayTay songs).

    It was the first taylor album I heard back in 08/09, and I can still remember being blown away by her lyrics. Gosh, even if i'm not a fan of her newer music i'm so happy people are finally understand this girls genius (i'm just happier I have more of it to appreciate)
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  13. Rob


    Wasn't Fearless re-released with new tracks? It's not really an accuate comparison.
  14. Let me backtrack real quick.
  15. Even at 5 it's a different climate so more impressive.
  16. Isn't it a little unfair to compare these numbers? Fearless has been around for half a decade, just give 1989 time, it'll catch up.
  17. So this was interesting...
  18. Love her Lady Gaga tweet.
  19. How so? The two songs sound nothing alike. The mashup barely works in my opinion.
  20. New Romantics is out on iTunes, let the slayage begin.
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