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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Is a debate about twerking in this (generally awful) video REALLY the most important thing when it has been said that there will be NO BALLADS on the album. No All Too Well. No Begin Again. No Last Kiss. No You're Not Sorry. No White Horse. No Cold as You. Madness!

    I need the Imogen Heap song to basically be Taylor's version of Speeding Cars or all my hope will be lost.
  2. There will be ballads. Or at least ballad-y mid-tempos.
  3. I can't remember how this song goes, or any of the lyrics, beyond the 'shake it off' bit, which isn't all that fun to say. Single number 2 already please.
  4. Shake It Off is #6 in the UK midweeks and early US predictions are at 697,000. That's probably a bit of an overestimate but if she actually did manage that, a #1 debut is probably certain.
  5. I know! I pray this isn't true! I live for her ballads! 'All Too Well', 'Back to December', 'Begin Again', 'Last Kiss', 'White Horse'... I'm really hoping the song that is solely written by her will be at least some sort of electro-ballad, ala Girls Aloud's 'Untouchable', it's the best I can hope for after hearing that!
  6. I need Taylor's Who Knew and Wish You Were Here.
  7. Even using saris and bindis aren't considered offensive in India, so....meh. Cultural appropriation is a thing, institutionalized racism is a thing, but this video ain't it.
  8. Why are only girls doing ballet? The female priviledge, the reverse sexism.
  9. Taylor snatching David Guetta's thin greasy mullet.
  10. I think this basically sums up my feelings on the whole issue
  11. Can anyone else remember when Taylor's singles would chart at #30 here in the UK? And now an OA/OS release here is #1.
  12. The "li'l mama & avril lavigne" tag though.
  13. You guys are still going on about the video?????

    New avatar to praise the Lord and her upcoming #1 Debut in the US and UK!!!!
  14. I love this, though I listened to this earlier and now I have 'My First Kiss' by Kesha in my head.
  15. I still really dislike the song but I'm so pleased to see it doing so well. Nothing less than world domination will do for Taylor!
  16. How is Sophie Amogbokpa a tag in this thread too?!
  17. It's tagged on nearly every thread. It's just one of those tags which help take up all the tag spaces.
  18. Just noticed that TeenIdle has left the forum.
  19. The single is definitely growning on me a bit, the verses were stuck in my head today and it is a fun listen when drunk at predrinks. And I just checked my iTunes and apparently I've played it 21 times, which is something? It's still no masterpiece, but it's not as bad as I originally feared. As a pop phase, it's tolerable.
  20. So can I like the video without being racist now?
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