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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Basically yes.
  2. Hi guys. This is actually starting to grow on me.

    *jumps out of nearest window*
  3. When did you become a bigger Taylor stan than me?
  4. I still don't have time for her first 2 albums.
  5. Still waiting for clockwork's Katy-sized turnaround.
  6. Does clocky not like any Taylor Swift? None of Red?????????
  7. Almost five albums in and I'm yet to hear anything that inspires me to do more than bop to what I hear on the radio if all the other stations are on commercial break.
  8. State of Grace though!!!! STATE OF GRACE.

    Taylor had no business creating such a damn life-altering track.
  9. How you've lived your life without I Knew You Were Trouble confuses me.
  10. I mean, I've heard that song. That's one of those radio bops. The video is EMBARRASSING though, and no one is here for Taylor Del Swift.
  11. I get my life to that video. Check yourself.
  12. Get your life to something better.
  13. To be fair, if all I knew of Taylor were her radio songs I wouldn't be a fan either. She would essentially be Katy Perry to me, to keep that analogy going.

    One day, you'll be on Youtube, and something in you will think "Oh, that State of Grace song everyone goes on about, maybe I'll give it a listen". And you will. And then your entire world will shatter and come back together and you'll look at the suggested videos. And you'll listen to Treacherous. And then All Too Well. And then what is this? Oh GAWD, Enchanted? What sort of huge behemoth hymn? YES MAMA, GIVE ME THAT THING I LOVE.

    And you will be a stan and we can finally be the music soul we were always meant to be.
  14. The last third of Treacherous also slays me. Dat build-up.
  15. You complete me, but only because I accept your flaws.
  16. The entire thing tho. Easily the best song on Red, which it only slightly beats All Too Well and Begin Again.

    Is it bad that I'm made myself forget how Shake It Off goes? I've not got the time for it at the moment.
  17. When the background vocals come crashing in like a wave, ugh. I get goosebumps every time. So incredible.
  18. As much as I'm here for 'pop Taylor'- she had some great moments on the past two albums, I really don't know if I can fully be behind this without knowing the ballads are coming? She shines when she's writing songs like 'All Too Well', 'Dear John' and 'Treacherous'. No moments like that on this album? Hmm.
  19. Betty Poo

    Betty Poo Guest

    This song is catchy, another brilliant chorus courtesy of genius Max Martin (it actually reminds me very slightly of Chumbawamba with the horns). But it lacks the bite and personality that "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" had. T-Cell's secret weapon is that she can be MEAN, whereas here she just takes the high road. I don't see it being nearly as a big a hit in the long run, particularly with that Avril rip off God-awful bridge. Speaking of Avril, it's amazing how her impact continues (Cher Lloyd, Taylor Swift's career since 2012, Lorde) mostly unnoticed by the denizens of the pop world. But she will have her revenge.
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