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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. RJF


    I've kind of completely forgotten she even had material before 1989.
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  2. I don't know her.
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  3. Shall I link to your Sad Beautiful Tragic interjection during the discography rate?
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  4. What an unfortunate opinion.
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  5. I still only touch most of her material pre-1989 with a ten foot pole.
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  6. Your current quality of life is infinitely worse because of this. I suggest immediate rectification.
  7. "You are not the opinion of someone who doesn't know you." - Taylor Swift
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  8. Nor am I not not the opinion of someone who doesn't know someone else, though.
  9. I am sad that a Taylor discography rate will happen and I will not be able to participate. I want to stan for 1989, show my love (which took a solid two years to develop) for Red, and appropriately score Speak Now (10 for Enchanted, 6 and below's for all other songs that aren't Story of Us). But as far as sitting through the first two albums? I just don't think I can do it.
  10. RJF


    The bumpkins have already rated everything pre-1989.
  11. Tim McGraw, Picture to Burn, Teardrops on My Guitar, Cold as You, Our Song, Love Story, White Horse, Tell Me Why and You're Not Sorry are worth the listens alone, and those are simply just the nine to tens.
  12. I understand not wanting to sit through her debut but Fearless? Fearless is an excellent album start to finish.
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  13. Most people who listen to the radio in America have heard half of Fearless anyway.
  14. *Goes to watch White Horse video on YouTube and fondly remembers the days when Stephen Colletti was relevant*
  15. Seriously though, Fearless is well worth the listen. And once you've listened to that, you may as well attempt the debut.
  16. Having been a diehard but only having owned the debut for a few days I can safely say Fearless is still essential and the Debut, not so much. Some lovely tunes but her voice is quite weak. Her tone on Fearless is when it all started really.

    The singles off the debut are killer though.
  17. I just don't care too much at this point, as flippant as that sounds. One day I'll get to them, but 1989 was a perfect pop album - seamless, cutthroat, cohesive - and where she goes onward is all I truly care about. The fact that I bought it based blindly off of Blank Space and Out of the Woods makes it even more incredible to me. I don't deny her skills and talents prior because without that, there would be none of this. But where she is now is what I like most about her. We're the same age and going through the same blues & mean reds at the same time. Her continuous progression is going to be insane.
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  18. I think Speak Now will forever remain her opus. But I'm happy for her to prove me wrong. 1989 is very close though.
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  19. After a while this has settled below Speak Now and above Red in my personal rankings.
  20. Fearless is immaculate as a coming of age album. Speak Now will probably be her opus for the foreseeable future, but 1989 is a great third place. Red is just so damn uneven; career highlights (State of Grace, Treacherous, All Too Well, Sad Beautiful Tragic) sit alongside career low points (Stay Stay Stay, 22, The Lucky One).
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