Taylor Swift - 1989

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I'm about as casual a Taylor Swift fan as anyone can possibly be in her current phase of ubiquity, but even I feel a bit blue at the prospect of her new fans not chasing up her previous records and crying out hot, lusty tears to Sparks Fly.
I don't think she'll ever top Dear John/Back to December/All Too Well/Enchanted/Last Kiss on a writing level but I'm happy if she keeps producing music even of a 1989 quality.
With the exception of her debut (where- as someone already pointed out- she's trying really hard to be country) Taylor has never been all that country. Fearless and Speak Now are singer-songwriter albums. They aren't country.

I'm in the camp that thinks you're missing out if you just listen to the Red singles and 1989. Though I'm with the people that can't stand Never Grow Up. That and the title track are the worst Speak Now has to offer.
Today Was A Fairytale wasn't even really a hit though, was it? Wasn't it one of those things where the song debuted super high because of digital downloads and then went nowhere?
Went top 20 on radio and sold about 2 million in the US. Seems like a success for a soundtrack single with no video/no promo.
But... what would someone who came to her purely for what she did on this album even gain from her previous albums? A lot of people in this thread lamenting the idea of people missing out on previous material have known Taylor since the beginning of her career, loved what she did originally and have progressed along with her. I think that journey is crucial to enjoying her previous work at this stage, especially since the part of her audience that has expanded the most is the late teens/early twenties and will therefore not really be that receptive to the doe-eyed naivety of her earlier work.

If you're a superfan of her, then of course you can gain something from it. If you're a superfan of the music she does now, what's the point? Now and then have very little in common when it comes to Taylor.
I think if you're a fan of pop music in general then you have something to gain from listening to her earlier albums. A good song is a good song.
The thing is, you can actually find my posts about Taylor going all the way back to 2010, so I ain't new to her. I am new to appreciating her this much though.
I never liked Fifteen. It's alright. Nice, but not a favourite.

Sparks Fly gives me shivers still and is bloody incredible and needs to be heard by these fairweather new fans.
To be fair, Taylor's career has really been nothing but fairweather. Even the Kanye incident worked massively in her favor.

EDIT: Damn, Noir beat me to it!
Let's not act like any of the Red singles come close to being top five from that album.

It's interesting how Red saw her reaching the apex of her singer-songwriter style whilst passing the baton to the popstar style. I'd like to see her marry the two a bit more on her next album as opposed to pretty much shirking the former*.

*Basically replace Welcome to New York and I Know Places with actual ballads and I'd think 1989 was a perfect album.
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