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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Shake It Off performed live would be a rather nice way to kick off The X Factor live shows, right?
  2. Why are people picking apart the greatest song Taylor has ever done, i.e. the greatest song of the generation? The dreamed-up, lyrical prowess of the song are what make it such a magical creation! Who really ever dances around their kitchen in the middle of the night with the fridge door wide open?
  3. RJF


    Oh, shit.
  4. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/n...girl-fights-in-the-media.html#~oRo37QuuMAQPdv

    "One thing I do believe as a feminist is that in order for us to have gender equality, we have to stop making it a girl fight, and we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls try to tear each other down."

    She's taking the piss surely?

    Viewing figures are falling, so they may as well finish it off.
  5. What kind of insider teas. Bookmarked for reference.
  6. HDD have this predicted to sell 1 Million first week in the US.
  7. Unashamedly saying that I hope the one or two slower songs on the album are total 'The Moment I Knew' rip-offs.
  8. Oh Taylor. "Stop pitting females against each other!!!.......Also check out this new song of mine where I tell you how awful another female singer is!".
  9. Saying she doesn't approve of the media pitting females against one another in a competition for success/physical attributes/the male gaze does not mean she is NEVER allowed to express her displeasure with another female. She wrote the song (to clarify, a song no one in the media has even heard yet) to describe a betrayal by someone she saw as her friend, not because she was a female. She probably only clarified that it was about a female ex-friend because she was sick of the media calling her a bitter boy basher. Good job singling that one line out of the entire interview where she stuck up for Miley and Britney and praised Emma Watson's UN speech to the high heavens. Bravo Robsolete, you should work for Hollywoodlife.

    And for the poster a few pages back saying they hope Katy hits back...I wouldn't hold your breath. If she doesn't have her phone open to her Tumblr dashboard for ideas to steal and a dictionary of clichés at hand, the only thing she will ever do is post ambiguous passive aggressive tweets in an attempt to "shade". As if.
  10. Of course she's allowed to express her displeasure with another female. But when she does it in a blind item "this is about SOMEONE FAMOUS" way she's doing it for publicity reasons. You're delusional if you don't see that. And when she does that she's feeding into the woman vs woman thing. And for the record, she did not say she saw Katy as a friend.
  11. I completely agree that believing in supporting women does not mean you can never have a dispute with another woman, but come on. Taylor isn't an idiot, she knew exactly what she was doing when she described Bad Blood. If she wanted to be clear she wasn't bashing men all she needed to say is that it was about a female friend she had a professional falling out with. Not a female singer who tried to sabotage her tour. And yeah there kind of was a man in there, but that's not the point, really!

    She's saying she doesn't want people to be fixated on girls fighting on the one hand, while taking a fight public with the specific intention of using the interest it generates for self-promotion on the other. That's blatant hypocrisy.

    And this is coming from pretty much the most anti-Katy person you could hope to find.
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  12. What sort of life-affirming truth? This is absolutely spot-on, 100%.

    Sorry Robsolete. I like you, but yeah. Bailey's right.
  13. She's incredibly intelligent and media savvy and I agree with your point about her pointing out the details of the professional falling out being a bit extra. Of course she was making it clear exactly who she was talking about. But I also think she wanted to pick a fight with Katy, not Katy the female entertainer.

    To clarify what I'm trying to say, I think she IS being hypocritical in the fact that she doesn't "like conflict" and avoids it (she clearly isn't afraid of anyone or anything at this point). She is definitely trying to make it clear to Katy (and the world I guess) that they are at odds, but I do not see the hypocrisy is what she said in this latest interview with her actions. I see this as a "fight" between two people, not a made up competition between two females.
  14. I think people are victimizing Katy a bit too much in this. I think Taylor is definitely hypocritical in a sense that if she says she doesn't like conflict, she sure is stirring up a shit storm with this one especially if it's a single (I'm sure the video would make the target as obvious as I Knew You Were Trouble did), but with that quote I can assume she meant that Katy shouldn't have started it to begin with. She's not above sinking a bit to get revenge, but it's when she feels wronged. And therein lie the accusations of her having a victim complex, which I can't deny.
  15. I wasn't even posting it entirely seriously. I actually find their 'feud' (not that you could even call it that) amusing more than anything now, mainly because I don't think either of them have what it takes to drag someone like Mariah or Madonna can. I'll be honest, I didn't read the whole interview, only what was in that Digital Spy link so I have no idea what she said about Britney or Miley or anything like that. It's just I saw the thread at the top of the page, and I'd seen that article about 2 minutes before so it was in my mind. I actually agree with all the stuff she said about Emma Watson, and that angle of it.

    The reason I posted that quote was because of the ''we have to stop being so interested in seeing girls try to tear each other down'' bit, which I just found amusing given what she said a few weeks ago. As other people have already said, Taylor is a clever girl and she knew full well what her original remarks would do, and that the media and their fanbases would pick up on it and (surprise, surprise) try and turn it into a girl fight and want to see them tear each other down. I'm not saying she should never be allowed to say something negative about another female, popstar or otherwise, it's just that it seemed slightly hypocritical considering she'd played into the thing that she is apparently against.
  16. But what did Katy start? Do you really think it was her plan to sabotage Taylors tour? I think what she's most guilty of is being insensitive (which we all know she's good at). What I think is silliest about this though is Taylor herself even says she wasn't sure that Katy was her friend. Saying hi at award shows does not make you friends. Was it shady of Katy to call up her dancers if she knew they were on Taylors tour? Sure. But the dancers are the ones who had the obligation to Taylor, not Katy. Its the dancers who "betrayed" her. And since she says herself she wouldn't say she and Katy were friends then what is the issue?

    She made a mountain out of a mole hill for publicity, like she does often. And the most frustrating thing about all of this is she doesn't need to! Her music is great and the interest is there regardless of the high school blind item drama.
  17. Katy's just been a common thread with female popstar feuds. Gaga and Miley both, the latter for just a stint, but regardless. I don't think Katy tried to "sabotage" her but with the other factors of Katy being a bit dismissive, Taylor had the material to make that mountain even if it was a mole hill.

    Also, apologies if my previous posts seemed a bit harsh. Reading back, they're a bit more aggressive than I'd want.
  18. But aren't a lot of pop songs about emotions that aren't necessarily healthy? As a songwriter she should have the freedom to write about intense life experiences no matter how messy and contradictory they may be - that's what makes great songs.
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    We don't even know if "Bad Blood" is going to be worth this analysis.
  20. I'd be here for Taylor's own Stupid Hoe.
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