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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. How do people know the name to track 1? Has she confirmed somewhere that it's called 'Welcome to New York'?
  2. Out of the Woods is her Edge of Glory. And by that I don't mean criminally mishandled and underperfoming but absolutely, majestically life changing.
  3. Have any of the fans invited to the listening parties posted their reviews? I imagine they were sworn to secrecy but maybe some found creative ways??
  4. Natalie? someone needs to tell me what that's about.
  5. I just realized about how a single cover for Out Of The Woods could be the actual polaroid from the song. They could blur out the guy just to make it a little bit more interesting or just reveal it as Harry which would be pretty funny (since it probably is him).

    Man I love the potential for imagery this era. This was a really fantastic idea on Taylor's part. The Red era was gorgeous too so it's no surprise.
  6. Out Of The Woods is Savage Garden meets Enya.
  7. Hopefully we see a single cover for "Out of the Woods" soon on Spotify and the like. Curious which lyric she'll quote, if she follows the same template as "Shake It Off."
  8. I love Out of the Woods, heard it on the radio earlier, very Tegan and Sara.
  9. Imogen Heap just posted a new vlog and mentions her collaboration with Taylor at the end (around 16 minute mark):


    Sparknotes: they recorded it in a day, Taylor came to Imogen's place in between shows. Already had the beginnings of the song, played it for Imogen on guitar. Imogen did the music and produced it, as well as contributed some backing vocals. She said what you hear on the record is pretty much the only version they recorded. Didn't drop the name, but Imogen really proud of the song. A fan commented on the video saying she thinks it's "You Should've Stayed."
  10. Style
    All You Had to Do Was Stay
    I Wish You Would
    You Should've Stayed
    Out of the Woods

    For an album that she says has little to do with romantic relationships and is all about finding her self with her girls in NY, the song titles sure make it seem like its her usual "this celebrity bf did me wrong" shtick.
  11. All these titles are boring as fuck.
  12. Overly Attached Girlfriend vibes from these titles...
  13. I am so here for these song titles.

    Is anyone really checking for a Taylor Swift album that doesn't have any relationship songs on?! In fact, any album with no songs about love or a break-up would be weird...
  14. Well no, in fact I'd prefer her usual relationships songs over stuff that lyrically is like Shake It Off. Its just her statements saying it won't be about romance seem to be false advertising when I see the song titles.

    Also her explanation of calling the album 1989 makes me roll my eyes/laugh. "It just seemed to be a time of endless possibilities. You could wear whatever color you wanted!". What? Just say its cuz it was the year you were born and you like 80's music. Thats a fine explanation.
  15. She has literally never stopped at "you could wear whatever color you wanted" and has always elaborated why she named the album 1989 (sound influenced by late 80s/early 90s pop, themes inspired by the general mood of the era) past that sound bite. Stop trying to make her sound like an air head.

    And there are 13 songs on the regular album. 5 songs about relationships doesn't an album make. False advertising, like anyone would expect a Taylor Swift album to NOT have relationship/love songs.
  16. Isn't it amusing? How one day you can be utterly indifferent to someone and then the next day become excited about their next album? Driving home, I heard Out of the Woods on the radio and it was like this massive breath of fresh air pounding through my speakers. So somber, dreamlike, and somehow alien; this finite morsel of doom, sounding like a pack of tweaked-out cherubs escaping from an apocalyptic cult. It made me feel nervous and anxious, surrounded by all the misery and paranoia, and I had to be reminded of whom I was listening to more than once, which gave me a sort of thrill. Although I'm sure the rest of the album will be varied, this remains a sort of fascinating mark of what could possibly be or where she could eventually go. Such a delicate monster, this is, such a melancholic wonder.

  17. Chill.
  18. Anyways, new lyrics for song #2 (apparently the sassy/sarcastic song about the media)


    Apparently Lorde likes it...

  19. I'm chill.
  20. This is going to be the best pop girl album this year for sure. With Sucker coming late especially.
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