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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. The first track is showing it's track length.

    That's why.
  2. I believe it was hinted by people who went to the secret sessions from ATRL (or that´s where I read it).


    If you click that link you see that the first song now has it's full length added.
  3. These titles are truly killing me. I guess as long as the songs good, who cares?
  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Welcome To New York was the first track played at the secret sessions plus the lyric she posted on twitter was a city skyline and she introduced the album on top of the empire state building.
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  5. 'Welcome to New York'

    There's a lot of land mines here to be stepped on; Taylor's version of New York is not exactly her audience's version of New York.
  6. I'm planning on moving to New York City in the next few months, so I'm completely ready for the anthem that will be my daily soundtrack.
  7. The song titles are mostly brilliant as far as I've seen. You Should've Stayed and Welcome to New York are eh, but the other ones are pretty typical Taylor.
  8. Same can be said about her relationships and, well, pretty much every other aspect of her life that she sings about.
  9. I couldn't give a shit about song titles. If the songs are good, she can call them whatever she likes
  10. Here's the alleged tracklist:

    1. Welcome to New York (Taylor Swift/Ryan Tedder)
    2. Blank Spaces (Swift/Martin/Shellback)
    3. Style. (Swift/Martin/Shellback/Ali Payami)
    4. Out of The Woods (Swift/Antonoff)
    5. All You Had To Do Was Stay (Swift/Martin)
    6. Shake It Off (Swift/Martin/Shellback)
    7. I Wish You Would (Swift/Antonoff)
    8. Bad Blood (Swift/Martin/Shellback)
    9. How You Get The Girl (Swift/Martin/Shellback)
    10. Wildest Dreams (Swift/Martin/Shellback)
    11. This Love (Swift)
    12. I Know Places (Swift/Tedder)
    13. Clean (Swift/Imogen Heap)

    14. Wonderland (Swift/Martin/Shellback)
    15. You Are In Love (Swift/Antonoff)
    16. New Romantics (Swift/Martin/Shellback)
  11. So This Love must be the Nathan Chapman produced song.
  12. Ew. at 'Style.'.

    We all know she is supposed to sing about her fabricated relationship with Harry but don't call him by his name, not even in a pun.
  13. How You Get the Girl is the song playing in the Diet Coke ad.
  14. The full stop in the title for 'Style.' - 'I Knew You Were Trouble.' part 2?
  15. I know she has implied in the past that Trouble was about Harry, but isn't that impossible timeline wise? Isn't it about John Mayer?
  16. Yeah it's 100% not about Harry, it was recorded before they met. I was more thinking in terms of sound.
  17. R.I.P. To the Last Fm tags we used to know
  18. I find relationships are a lot more universal than living in a massive Manhattan apartment where you bought the apartment across the hall for your security team! But, of course, to each his own.
  19. Maybe she'll manage to make 'Welcome to New York' be about relationships... I just pray it's not some poppers-o'clock showtune ripoff!
  20. RJF



    Taylor is probably the only Pop Girl who could bring together about a hundred of her fans and not have it descend into depraved ratchetry.
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