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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. She doesn't usually chase trends, does she? I'm not sure to be honest if her albums were following the trend when they were released or not, I don't think I paid attention to that

    Edit: Now that I think about it, Style had a very similar vibe to other songs released that same year
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  2. Isn't he always, though?
  3. I'd say Taylor has had a fair share of trend-chasing moments throughout her career. I Knew You Were Trouble is probably the most obvious one - hopping on the dubstep wave just before it died completely. And there's also Wildest Dreams, which was a blatant Lana Del Rey rip-off.
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  4. Blank Space has always struck me as very Lorde-through-a-more-pop-lens.
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  5. Yes. Also New Romantics, which is even Lorde-er than Blank Space.
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  6. This reminds me, Wildest Dreams remains my favorite 1989 track. It's just gorgeous (Lana rip-off or not haha)
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  7. That's it: I'm about to go blast 1989 for the millionth time.
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  8. I haven't listened to 1989 in ages and it's Taylor's fault. She should've never broken up with Spotify.
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  9. Ugh, the way she yells "OHH, YOU GOT THAT JAYMES-DEAN DAY-DREAM LOOK IN YOUR" and then barely utters "eye..." as if suddenly too enraptured to contain herself gets me every time.
  10. I respect her position and understand why she thinks that way, but this is the reason why I haven't listened to 1989 since.... uhhh, I don't even remember when was the last time I listened to it. I have all her discography in my phone, but I only use Spotify now so I don't really listen to her music as much as I would like to.
    I hope she reaches an agreement with them, even if it's for her music to be available only to premium users.
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  11. Taylor is the only reason I fuck with Amazon Prime Music.
  12. Something or other brought Clean to mind today and it's still such a lovely, understated way to conclude the standard edition. 1989 is obviously very strong in its own right but it's even more exhilarating because songs like Clean, Style and New Romantics feel very tip of the iceberg pop for her.
  13. Clean is one of the best songs she's ever produced. I think it, along with the more subdued moments on the album are mesmerising - truly the fusion of her older writing style/material and a keen pop sensibility. It's just full of gorgeous imagery and a reflection of feelings we've all had.

    While the bops are mega, it's Clean, This Love, Wildest Dreams (and I think Style fits here too mood wise) etc that remain my absolute favourite.

    What I find incredible is that this album is 2.5 years old and it still sounds fresh as a frickin' daisy.
  14. 'Clean', 'New Romantics' and Tracks 2-5 is all you need (but also fucking killer).
  15. I Wish You Would is the most criminally underrated track on the album. It was such a moment during the tour.
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  16. I Know Places*
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  17. The "I-I-I-I-I- I wish I wish I" is one of my favorite moments of the album
  18. 'I Wish You Would' is actually my least favorite thing on the album, bonus tracks included, in that it's the only song I ever skip. It just does nothing for me.
  19. It's one of my favorite moments of my entire life.
  20. "You always knew how topushmyBUTTONS!" also.
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