Taylor Swift - 1989

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Wonderland is the only song I don't fuck with. Its terrible and faceless.

I Wish You Would, How You Get the Girl, and I Know Places are all good but also the ones I'm most inclined to skip.
This Love is one of my favorites. The lyrics, the melody, the way she sings... I love it

I have not a single qualm against it other than it being a bit boring, but if I'm going through the album I always give it the time. You Are In Love could take its spot in an instant, though.
Wonderland is well produced trash. Has good aural moments but it doesn't what it wants to be in this life.

It's just the most tired literary reference point in...history. It's lame for her. It's a lame song that could have popped off potentially. The bridge is ok until the "In the end in Wonderland we both went...m a d". It's all very heathledgerasjokerfuckyeah.tumblr.com. Searching "Harley Quinn Steampunk" on Deviantart.
Y'all are gonna come for "Wonderland" when the lead single and "Bad Blood" are sitting right there as the biggest pieces of shit on the album huh? "Wonderland" at least has the decency to descend into a hook-filled cacophony. The other two are just weak.
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I loathe 'Shake It Off' until that horn riff comes in on the second chorus and then it has me for all of 6 seconds and then I go back to hating it.

I actually use the single version of 'Bad Blood'. It's dumb as fuck but it's brash and loud enough to pop off, with Kendrick's assistance.
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