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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. I can't share the hate for Shake It Off when it has that live performance on tour. What a thrill.
  2. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Bad Blood is embarrassingly shit.
  3. Wonderland is in my top 3.
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  4. I love the lead and Wonderland. "Shake It Off" is just such a fun song.
  5. The single effect was real with Bad Blood admittedly, in that it allowed me to appreciate the good in it (and the production). But yeah it's lower tier, saved by having catchy elements. Single version > album mess.

    Taylor is just a better songwriter (pop or otherwise) than the tired Aliceisms in Wonderland. She doesn't sell them. I'm sure if she had done it live I would be bopping now though... a bit like You Are In Love - anyone still putting that near the bottom of their rankings did not see it live. A moment.
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  6. K94


    Twins! I honestly can never remember a note of This Love even after listening - it's very forgettable.

    I'd also add Clean but I know @Jonathan27 will come to clock.
  7. Bad Blood, Welcome To New York and Shake It Off are all terrible and she is much better than them.
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  8. Welcome To New York is easily her worst and shrillest song since something like Superman and Better Than Revenge for me, so I always just pretend 1989 starts with Blank Space. I don't really like Shake It Off, Bad Blood and How You Get The Girl either, but at least they have somewhat interesting production. I wonder who she's working with besides Max for her next album. I liked I Know Places but Ryan Tedder kind of brought out the bland in Taylor so hopefully she's collaborating with people who can challenge her more.
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  9. Welcome To New York has dreadful Rachel Berry-esque lyrics but I like everything else about it so...
  10. I came to adore Superman when I was genuinely meant to take part in a pals drag night with a comic theme, and I was going to be Lois Lane. It, mercifully, never happened. I forget the song exists immediately after listening, but I have a lot of love for it. Mainly because it sounds exactly like Angel by The Corrs. Legends only.
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  11. Welcome to New York is one of the most embarrassing songs I've ever heard. It's the "soundtrack" for someone who's only visited Times Square or Williamsburg.
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  12. I'm surprised I like Wonderland as much as I do as its such a Trouble redux and I never had love for Twubble twubble twubble.
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  13. I still stan Out of the Woods.... that's about it.
  14. I forgot how awful the Bad Blood video was until I just rewatched it there.
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  15. The beefed up production in the single version of Bad Blood does go off a tad though.
  16. I've always loved Bad Blood, especially the album version. That chunky, Clipsian bass knocks like no other and its Heathers-for-the-Bubbalicious-set vibes are incredibly potent.
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  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I mean if you take it literally sure.... it's also a metaphor for finding a new life that makes you happy.
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  18. Better than Revenge is a bop. I've had my issues with the lyrics, but it's still a fucking bop
    I agree about the rest though
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  19. It really does encapsulate my Midwestern ideal of "big dreams in the Big Apple"; in other words, it gets the job done.
  20. Yeah I use the single-edit-without-rap version of Bad Blood, it does elevate a rather mediocre song into a bop.

    Shake It Off and You Are In Love are the only two I don't love.
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