Taylor Swift - 1989

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Shake It Off is by no means her best work but it did the job of a lead single well. It was fun, in your face and introduced a newer, "I don't give a fuck" version of Taylor.

As much as I love other songs a lot more on the album, I couldn't imagine 1989 being lead by anything other than Shake It Off.

How You Get The Girl is the one I skip the most. I've said it before but lyrically it feels like it fits in with her 3rd album, it's a bop for high school kids.
I mean if you take it literally sure.... it's also a metaphor for finding a new life that makes you happy.

I mean, putting aside my cringe at her stint as NYC's global ambassador, it's still an incredibly twee song that pales in comparison to tracks on 1989 that better capture her doe-eyed romanticism. The production alone makes the album start on a whimper when it could have begun with a bang ("Blank Space").
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I can't wait to get stabbed on a NYC Subway this summer as "Welcome To New York" plays into my foolish ears.
@Laura Vanderbooben has been waiting for you...

Welcome to New York is Taylor's schtick in a way that she hasn't really done it before. Her writing is essentially telling her life stories through a fairytale lens & Welcome to New York captures that "Pennsylvania girl going to the big city" aesthetic that's quintessentially Taylor. I love it but I can see why people hate it
The gag is that a lot of New York has become just as plastic and sterile (on the surface as least) as the 1989 opening track. The song captures what I imagine must got through the heads of financially-naive NYU freshmen, trust fund enabled transplants, and so forth. It has its good melodic moments. I bop ironically.
Bad Blood is mostly shit and it was only a single because of all the press she made sure it got. I don't think even her most devoted fans are under the illusion it was one of the best songs on the album. All You Had to Do should have been the 4th single.
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