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Taylor Swift - 1989

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. I suppose the surprises will be part of the promotion of TS6, as the secret sessions were of 1989
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  2. It is, but we all still wish Style was "the one" from the album, don't we?
  3. Not with that video mama.
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  4. Of course, it's tragic. But it's the better song, and in my dreams should have been the hit Blank Space was.
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  5. "Exclusively learned" like this isn't what TMZ are known for. That's a reach.
  6. I hope Mike Pence will let me go to these instead.
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  7. The 'Style' video isn't even bad, let alone tragic; it just isn't as good as some of the other videos from the era.
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  8. I effing love it.
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  9. The only criticism I understand of the Style video is that it's ever so slightly low energy and I think the song needed a video that matched/boosted that side of things. Other than that I think it's bloody gorgeous and wonderfully shot with more than a few fantastic images.
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  10. 'Style' has my favourite music video ever teebs.
  11. SMG


    The video for style was clearly half made of tour back drops.
  12. I understand why she paid dust to Style's music video, with Andrea being sick and all, but it still breaks my heart because it's my favorite song (of basically all time) and I wanted the video the song deserved, not a half-assed dud that looks like an art project by a student who just got this amaze new projector, dude. I don't think it's bad, per se, just sub par, but I do blame it for the song underperforming, teebs.
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    "Clean" got a great video, didn't it? I don't know why they played "Style" over it though.
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  14. Has anyone seen this? He's delightful
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  15. Thanks for sharing! This is a great songwriting lesson.
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Random Taylor question: I know Love Story and You Belong With Me got 'pop' edits.
    But are there different editions of Fearless (asides from ones with bonustrack) that got different versions of (all) the songs on them, like with Shania's Come On Over? Or were the album tracks all the same in Europe and the US?
  17. I don't know about Fearless, but there is a country version of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together somewhere. (And a boppy remix of Everything Has Changed)
  18. I don't know if E!News are just speculating or if they have real sources, but I'm ready for new music

  19. Just make it half as good as 1989 and I'm there.
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