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Taylor Swift - evermore

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. After the pandemic is over I really hope to experience folklore and evermore in small, intimate venues a la Madame X tour.
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  2. I would love this more than anything but we're gonna get the Lover/Folklore/Evermore STADIUM world tour and we'll deal.
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  3. The FokLoveRmore STADIUM Tour will be... a moment. When things get "possible" it feels like a "The Best Of" Tour will be the way to accomodate the 3 albuns and the past eras. Literally a Reputation Stadium Tour.

    Still having a moment when playing this in full. Champagne Problems, No Body No Crime, Tolerate It... smash_smash_smash.mp3
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  4. Wait so if I wanted to head any of these two brilliant albums live I would also have to hear “Me!” love?!
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  5. She’s gotta know there isn’t a single person on planet earth who want to hear that song live...right?
  6. I think she knows but I wouldn't count on her leaving it off the set list.

  7. Not “troubled theme park”...I love Tree Paine.
  8. And yet she's rarely performed Style. I hate her.
  9. She knows, but the good sis is probably too proud to admit it ddd. If she's sensible enough she will just sing one minute of it on the guitar and be done with it.

    Somebody should also lock Brendon somewhere far from the stage in case they try to duet.
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  10. She edited “spelling is fun!”, she knows.
  11. So it's basically been confirmed by insiders that the Love Story re-recording is coming out this Friday and the Gasoline Remix is coming next Friday. I'm happy that she's keeping us fed but let me pray we still get some supplemental evermore content after all of this.
  12. I still can't believe that my fave, the one that plans everything years in advance and leaves nothing to chance, has in the middle of a pandemic released 2 amazing albums, 2 beautiful music videos, a live album and concert, and now is going to continue keeping us fed through the beginning of 2021.
  13. Me going into the month of May
  14. RJF


    Spotify threw "ME!" at, well, me earlier on today and God... I genuinely believe that that was the catalyst for the huge creative overhaul we saw. Like, watching herself mince about with Brendon Urie telling us that spelling is fun and trying to hawk rehearsal audio on vinyl for a No.1 and failing... a true, "What the fuck am I doing?!" moment if there ever was one.

    The fact that both "cardigan" and "willow" got to No.1 without (as many) tricks too. A sign!
  15. "Me!" is the only time a song has doubled in my estimation by removing a single line (yes, the "hey kids, spelling is fun!" line).
  16. 0 x 2 = 0
  17. Spelling is fun is kind of iconic in the worst way possible and I wish they’d kept it on for the pure cringeworthyness of it all.
  18. Okay but the fact that Taylor Swift, a person who yelled at Instagram to ban snake emojis, gave in to her own fans bullying her was kinda legendary if you ask me.
  19. "hey kids, spelling is fun!" isn't even the worst part of the song for me, its the trainwreck that follows it.
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